Jenny wins the Bob contest. It's just a fact.

A- Line, Graduated Bob,  1920’s Flapper Cut, Victoria Beckham,  The Lob, Vidal Sassoon, Stacked Bob, Shorter in the Back, Reverse Mullet aka Kate Gosselin. Jenny thank you for showing us what a good Bob looks like.

Curly Bob = awesome.

Let’s just clarify now and forever no matter how we say it… it’s a Bob. It’s shorter in the back and longer in the front. This hair cut dates back as far as the second century ,way to survive. Even the Romans wore it for a while, hot. Safe word is just Bob and if a stylist doesn’t know what you are saying RUN AWAY! Why they give one of the worlds best hair cuts the name of someone’s chubby uncle I will never know.

The Bob of the 20's and 30's

The Bob is truly timeless and has so many variations.  No one has the same Bob. Great for curls, straight, fine, coarse hair, the list goes on. This is sexy at any age! Best tip I can give here is bring in a photo. You can be a little picky here, there is like a zillion different ways to do this amazing hair cut.

Juliana E. Medina