"Blunt" meaning hidden texture

Layers vs. Blunt

Layers: meaning not one length. Yes, you want them.  If you have fine hair and want volume get layers.  If you have dense hair and want to remove weight get layers.  That pretty much sums us all up. Layers can be done in so many different ways and tailored to you.  Blunt hair cuts are challenging for us both. I really like them in high fashion magazines and at hair shows. There is not much room for styling in a blunt cut. It can look blunt and be beautiful, that usually requires some layering. (Example: left)

All kinds of sexy Bluntness

Blunt cuts are limited to their shape because they don’t move. I once had a mentor tell me that no cut should  truly be blunt…. except for Cleopatra’s wig and Spock’s hair, from Star Trek.

It’s a lot of information so feel free to ask questions. Stylists don’t expect you to know everything about hair. That’s our job. If all else fails we all speak a common language and that is the visual language. (Pictures, pictures, pictures) Ps. changing your haircut is good for you! Live long and prosper.

Juliana E. Medina