Issue #25  June 9, 2011    
Trixie’s Beauty Bar is your neighborhood salon.  We believe in spreading beauty, relaxation & happiness to all.

Welcome back… Welcome back, welcome back, welcome back….  Sing along now!

What can we say?  After a long hiatus from Trixie’s, the ever-fabulous Tyler Dowd is going to be rejoining our team on a very exclusive basis. Whoot!  You can book with Tyler on Tuesday mornings from 9-1 or on the 4th Saturday of each month.  As you may or may not know, she’s been a little busy with a new addition to her family, the beautiful Adele who is almost a big one year old girl now!  Juliana says Adele is like a little marshmellow, totally squishable, blonde, and of course, the best dressed, coiffed & shoe-d baby we know.  We’ll try to post some pics of Miss Adele, soon.  Give Tyler or the salon a call to book an appointment with her at Trixie’s!

Toes!  On Sale!  $5, $10 & $15 off Pedicures

Our tax break hair special was such a success, we’ve decided to try it again with pedicures for summer!  Pre-book your 3 summer pedi’s and you’ll get bigger and bigger discounts at each one — $5 off the first, $10 off the second & $15 off the last one!  And, not only will your wallet feel better — so will your feet as you enjoy the benefits of regular monthly maintenance.  Just like waxing, pedi’s are a maintenance service and we want you to see how good it feels.  This very special deal starts July 1st and runs through October.  You never know, we may even offer some delicious special beverages throughout the summer.  We’ll see what I get inspired by in Italy.  Ciao, bellas!

Heads Up, Brazilian babes

Just inked a contract with Google Deals — if you’re not signed up, you might want to check it out.  Google is beta testing the daily deal service in Portland after an unsuccessful bid to buy Groupon for $6 billion. And, as you remember, we LOVE Google after they featured us on a bus ad and chose us as one of Portland’s Best Places. So, there’s a waxing deal on the horizon, keep your eyes peeled…

Mother’s Day Trunk Show Featuring St Johns’ Own Arcana Soaps: Sat 5/7, 11-3

Yo Mama!  Have you taken care of your Mother (or even yourself)?  No?  Well, then, come on down to our Mother’s Day Trunk Show with Julia Seess, the lovely artisan behind Arcana Soaps.  Julia concocts amazing, yummy (and natural) soaps, perfume oils, scrubs and other treats right here in St Johns – so you will be shopping local with a vengeance.  We’ll be sniffing & savoring from 11-3 on Saturday May 7th and would love to see you — drop by…

Yes, friends, there is a Santa (and we’re it)! So, come on down to Trixie’s this Sunday, December 5th to shop local; have some munchies courtesy of our new neighbors, Eastside Deli, a glass of champagne, and good conversation with your neighbors. Bring along a gift for our adopted family from the Children’s Relief Nursery and do some micro-local shopping. Afterwards, trot on up to St Johns Winterfest for a tree lighting and more celebrating throughout downtown St Johns.Our trunk show guests include: Kate Thurston, with her handmade sterling jewelry, Kelly Siegle from Belladonna Beads with her gorgeous beaded creations, KJ Lewis from Global Sistergoods with handmade treasures from women around the world, and maybe a few others if we’re lucky.

Want to help a neighbor in need?  Drop off one (or more!) of these items before December 15th.
This year, our Children’s Relief Nursery family in need includes a single mom with two young children, ages 1 and 3 ½ . Mom is in the process of getting her GED so she can go to college. The youngest is just ready to move into a forward facing car seat, so that would be a great help for the family. The three year old likes to do projects and puzzles and would love to have a small table or desk of his own. 

Baby Girl, Age 1
Clothing Size: 18 – 24 months
Shoe Size: 4 baby
Items Needed: forward facing car seat, winter clothes, diapers size 5, baby wipes

Items Wished for: baby learning toys, colorful posters/learning posters for wall

Little Boy, Age 3 & a half

Clothing Size: 6
Shoe Size: 11
Items Needed: kid size table & chairs, warm clothes

Items Wished for: learning toys & games, cars, puzzles

Also needed:

· 1 $50 to $75 card for Safeway or Fred Meyer to help this family purchase a holiday meal
· 1 $25 gift card for Mom from Fred Meyer, Target, or Safeway
· This family relies on public transportation to get around and would truly appreciate Tri Met tickets or passes (2 zone).· In an effort to do more fun activities as a family, they have requested tickets to OMSI, or the Children’s Museum.

Can’t wait to see you!
Tracy, Jodi & Juliana
Issue #22  August 31, 2010
Trixie’s Beauty Bar is your neighborhood salon.  We believe in spreading beauty, relaxation & happiness to all.

Worst Date Ever…

Stop me if you’ve heard this one.

This stuff only happens to me (or maybe on “reality” tv).  Sooooo, I was all excited to go on a breakfast date with a dude that I met online who was attentive and actually followed through (um, amazing!).  We’d met briefly for coffee and chatted several times.

When I arrived at the restaurant, it wasn’t open yet (thank goodness, because the only thing worse than what happened would have been having it happen in a crowded restaurant).  As I walked toward the dude… {Click here for the rest of the story}

Margaritas & Makeovers and More Salon Events, Oh My!

Margaritas & Makeovers
What’s better than an icy cold margarita, anyway?  How about a margarita and a makeover?  You know you want one (and so do your friends)!  
Beginning September 2nd, I will be reserving every Thursday evening for makeup lessons with our fave makeup line, The Balm.  For the low, low price of $10 you’ll get a half hour makeup lesson, a beverage of your choice, and $5 towards any makeup purchase or special order that evening. 
Such a deal!  Call 503.285.2899 or email me at to book your appointment now. 
Trixie’s All-Fun, Not-Very-Serious, Whine with Wine Book Club & Social Hour
Join Miss Jodi, the Hostess with the Mostess, on Tuesday, Sept. 21 at 7pm here in the salon for chit chat, snacks and wine.  We don’t care if you’ve read the book, come anyways!  We love Jennifer Wiener’s books and read Good in Bed last year, so we decided to check out the sequel, Certain Girls for our September meeting.  See you there!

Pure Romance – Watch This Space
Have you ever heard of Pure Romance Parties?  It seemed a natural complement to all the juicy stuff we end up discussing in the wax room, so I just signed up as a consultant with this cool company.  Are you interested in attending or hosting a party or just buying some fun toys?  Shoot me a note or give me a jingle at the salon and I will hook you up.     

Beauty Bargains

So many bargains, so little time
Let’s see, our existing Loreal Texture & Expert stock is currently 25% off — so if you love any of these products, now’s your chance to get them at a discount.
Fall Into Color
Have a hankering for a bold swath of color?  Maybe blue, purple or pink?  Boy, does Juliana have a deal for you!  Choose your new shade and add it to any cut or color appointment for just $5 or $10 per foil depending on whether we’ll need to bleach it first.  This Fall, I may do a bit of turquoise — you never know…

Best Online Dating Email ‘O the Month

No snark necessary, here.  I’ll let this one speak for itself.  And, no, I don’t think English is his second language.
“im good and you sweety your a prity prity laidy”
Yikes!  Once again, with feeling, “Ah, dating!” See you in the salon, friends.
Tracy, Jodi & Juliana

TONIGHT!  5-8pm

No-Bummer Beauty Summer School Party
Join us for free mini makeovers, facials, hairstyling lessons & shoulder massages courtesy of special guest, Pamela Lyons LMT. Champagne cocktails, snacks, and schmoozing with your neighbors also complimentary!  Can’t wait to see you…
Issue # 24  April 14, 2011     
Trixie’s Beauty Bar is your neighborhood salon.  We believe in spreading beauty, relaxation & happiness to all.

Trixie’s Totally Amazing 25% Off Tax Break Special

Oh, the joys of tax season!  Piles of paperwork, receipts galore and maybe even a visit with an expert.  Ready to tear your hair out?  Nooooo, don’t do it!  Come see Juliana instead and we’ll give you a glass of wine, listen to your tale of woe and make you feel much better. 


From April 15th to May 31st — take 25% off your hair service when you pre-book the following appointment.  This special is pretty special and good for one hair appointment per client between 4/15 & 5/31.  Easy peasy, huh?  We’ll even throw in a 20% discount on any hair products when you buy two or more.  Such a deal! 
Call today for your appointment — spring for color, or cool feather extensions or bright new highlights or that conditioning treatment for your tired locks — and we’ll take 25% off.  Can’t wait to see you all!

 Royal Wedding Redux 

Have I mentioned how excited I am about Will & Kate’s upcoming nuptials?  Maybe excited isn’t the right word – try obsessed.  April 29th is the big day (well, middle of the night for those of us on PST) and I can’t wait.  It’s like everything I used to play with my Barbie dolls come to life – a wedding, a prince, a princess and the whole royal ritual – awwwesome!  Plus, I got up at the crack of dawn in 1981 to see Charles & Di tie the knot – it was pretty unforgettable, as was the beautiful Diana’s funeral years later

It seems the royal family has learned a thing or two about the lack of success in those earlier semi-arranged marriages and has let Will choose his own bride.  How refreshing!  Perhaps they will be some of the lucky few who manage to lead a long & happy life together.  After all, there’s a romantic in all of us somewhere, right?

Trixie’s Whine with Wine Book Club & Social Hour

Oh, Book Club – where have you been? We’ve missed you so…  Thank goodness Jodi is ready to reconvene! 
Tuesday, May 17th at 7pm, we’ll meet for wine, whining, book chat, snacks and fun. 
Want to know what we’re reading this time? RSVP to Jodi at to let her know if you’re coming and she’ll fill you in.

Don’t Forget… 

As you may have noticed, we’ve begun making our confirmation calls two days ahead rather than one. As we grow, we need to make sure that we are managing our schedule efficiently so that we can make even more folks beautiful.  So, we’ll do our best to make those confirmation calls and we’ll need you to give us 24 hours notice when cancelling your appointment. 
Unfortunately, if you don’t call or show for your appointment twice, we will have to ask for your credit card number when booking your next appointment.  If you don’t call or show again, we’ll have to charge you half of the cost of your scheduled service.  If you’re using a Living Social deal, we may choose to revoke your service after a no call /no show appointment.  We appreciate your understanding and respect for our time, and for our other clients’ time.  We also know that life happens and will continue to be as flexible as we possibly can.  See you in the salon!


Issue # 20  April 28, 2010
Trixie’s Beauty Bar is your neighborhood salon.  We believe in spreading beauty, relaxation & happiness to all.

Spring Fever at Trixie’s

Now that my cast is off and the pain pills are out of my system, we’re all gearing up for springtime here at the salon. Come on sunshine!  I could write a whole essay on how bad daytime tv sucked out my brain, but instead I think I’ll just try to tempt you into a salon visit and tell you in person.  So, here’s the plan:
Pick up a coupon for one of these deals…
$5 off any service of $25 or more
$10 off any service of $65 or more for the entire month of May.
You can pick up these coupons at some of our friends’ businesses: St. Johns Tax, Albina Community Bank, Naked Sheep Knit Shop, Copy Pilot & Orleans Candle Company.  I may get them to a few other spots as well, so keep your eyes peeled.  We look forward to seeing your smiling faces, hairy bods, and new ‘do’s!

Artful Windows

We’ve always tried to be somewhat clever with our front window displays, but a couple of months ago, Juliana came up with (yet another) brilliant idea – why not bring in some local artists to do the window for us?  After putting the word out on Craig’s list, she was deluged with talented artists willing to customize their work for our front window.  We love Portland’s creative community – they’re awesome
You may have seen the bright and cheerful flowery displays by Riann Kaye in February and March and now, the sleek pink and lucite hairdo’s by Thomas Koestler.

Trixie’s Whine with Wine Book Club & Social Hour

Book club — oh, how we’ve missed you!  Between Jodi’s travel schedule (Two vacations? Really?  We’re only a little jealous, grr) and my injury, we haven’t been able to get it together.  What about Sunday evenings?  How does that sound for you guys?  Please call, email or facebook us with your thoughts on a scheduling change. 
For our next meeting (time and date to be determined) we decided to do a super-light, fun book: Sellevision by Augsten Burroughs.  It’s a funny satire of a QVC or HSN type shopping network – you’ll dig it.  We’ll announce the time and date via email, on our website and via Facebook.

Bits & Pieces ‘O Snark

Hot off the presses…  Cosmo’s May issue has instructions (and stencils!) for DIY Brazilians.  Scaaaaaary.  All we can say is, really, PLEASE don’t try this at home!  Or, if you do, call us ahead of time for a rescue appointment as backup.  Just ask us – as beauty professionals, we’ve all tried some kind of waxing on ourselves at one time or another — and we have the scars to prove it!
Let’s see, what else?  I’ve officially become a full-fledged Gleek and have decided that we all have a Sue Sylvester lurking under the nice exteriors we present to the world.  My fave quote of the week?  “I’ve got to call the Ohio Department of Transportation and tell them I won’t be carrying a driver’s license anymore.  They should know who I am.”  Check out her rendition of Madonna’s “Vogue” on

The most frightening news we’ve seen?  Fanny packs.  Yes, that’s right, you heard me – fanny packs are back.  Not just any fanny packs, mind you, but designer $2300 Louis Vuitton fanny packs.  Puhleeeze! They were bad the first time and even on a cutie patootie like Rihanna they are not okay.  Just sayin’…


Issue # 19  December 9, 2009
Trixie’s Beauty Bar is your neighborhood salon.  We believe in spreading beauty, relaxation & happiness to all.

Shop Local Saturdays, Part 3

Champagne, snacks, shopping & giving back — what more could you ask for?  Consider it hyper-local shopping — come buy home-grown, home-canned, organic foods from one of our clients with a garden right here in the neighborhood! 
We’ve been hearing stories about Kathy French’s amazing garden and dinner parties for years, and now we all get a chance to experience a taste of her hospitality here in the salon on Saturday, 12/12 from 10-3 when she brings her lovely food giftables in for us to taste and buy.  (We’ve heard rumors about some amazing red onion concoction that is awesome on summer burgers, so we’re salivating already.)
Don’t forget your donations of new toys, books, or clothes for kids four and under — we’ll forward them to our friends at the Children’s Relief Nursery and then we’ll be able to help some deserving folks make their kids’ holidays a bit brighter.


No, not one of those 13 women who claim to have slept with Tiger, just the regular jolly Santa laugh.  As in, Happy Holidays from us to you! 
This month, check out Juliana’s Lovely Lowlights Special — get beautiful, rich lowlights and take a break from the bleach for only $45 with any haircut you book before New Year’s Eve.  Also, ask her about the new color sealing treatment we’re trying out — it might add a couple of weeks to your next color and who doesn’t like that idea?
And, from me, get a FREE brow wax with any body wax you book until January 31, 2010. My gift to you, friends, a smoother, shave free existence!  Don’t forget about the guys — we’re happy to wax them as well.  Call today for your appointment or with any questions you might have about, say, the difference between a bikini and a Brazilian or how long it lasts, etc.  I’m happy to help.

Trixie’s Whine with Wine Book Club & Social Hour

Come join us for a festive Book Club and Social Hour on Wednesday, December 16th, at 7pm, here at the salon. 
If you feel like reading, the gals last month chose NY Times Columnist Gail Collins’ book, When Everything Changed:  The Amazing Journey of American Women From 1960 to the Present.
The lovely Jodi will be back (sans crutches, yaaay!) to be the hostess with the mostess, but you’ll still have to pour your own wine.  I’ll see if we can’t get a special holiday treat — maybe I’ll even bake! Yes, I can hear you gasping with shock and awe, but it could happen…  Tell your friends, see you there.

Celebrity Snark of the Week

Oh, Tiger…  I have a lot to say about this so you’ll have to click here to see more!  Really?  Seriously?  
This week, Tiger’s life is a lot more interesting than my dating adventures, although I have begun to solicit stories and emails from my fellow single folk, so send them in if you’re willing to put them out into the Trixie’s community.
Trixie’s will be closed Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and New Year’s Day so we can experience some holiday cheer of our own.  We wish you a merry season.

Issue # 18  November 5, 2009
Trixie’s Beauty Bar is your neighborhood salon.  We believe in spreading beauty, relaxation & happiness to all.

Wax On, Wax Off Special

If only it were so easy, right?  Well, it’s easy for me to wax you anyway [insert semi-evil laugh here].  If you’ve toyed with the idea of doing a bikini or brazilian, or you just don’t like to shave your legs or pits in the winter, then I’m your girl. 
Beginning today, receive a free brow wax with any body wax that you book with Tracy through January 30th. 
We’re happy to take care of the men in your life, too — you know you don’t want to look at that hairyness on your beach vacation — so send them in.  We’ll even give ’em a beer first.  Book your appointment today at 503.285.2899.  Our  waxing price list & menu  is here.  See you in the “House of Pleasure & Pain” (also known as the waxing & facial room) soon!

Yep, It’s That Time Again

No, I have no idea how many days it is until Christmas, nor do I really want to know, but it is that time…  (Must the big chains begin talking about the winter holidays before Halloween?  I hate that!)  Since I’m still a bit peeved about last year’s party getting snowed out (don’t get me started!), I’ve decided to try something different this year. 
Trunk Shows Each Saturday, 11/28 -12/21,  10-3

Each Saturday between Thanksgiving and Christmas, we’ll be hosting a different local artist in the salon with beautiful things for you to give as gifts.  We’ll have champagne on ice and yummy goodies and, as always, we’ll be collecting toys, clothes, diapers and food for the families at the Children’s Relief Nursery.  Tanya & Jonathon at the Orleans Candle Company will also be offering a deal for Trixie’s shoppers on Saturdays as well. Think of it as a progressive holiday party!  I’ll get a schedule of artists out as soon as I can. Free gift wrapping as always.

Get Rich Quick!

Want some gorgeous, rich tonal color in your hair for Fall?  Have we got a deal for you! When you’re in to see Juliana for a haircut, just add a partial lowlight service for $45, now through November 30th. 
Take a break from the bleach and give yourself beautiful red, chestnut, copper or cappucino accents for dimension and depth.  Lowlights add shine and can provide contrast that makes blondes look even blonder.  You know you’ve been wanting to do something with your color — now’s your chance! 
(Lowlights special is good through 11/30/09, must be booked with a haircut and is not valid in conjunction with any other specials)

Incriminating Evidence

Yep, my 2nd Annual Halloween/Birthday Bacchanal was a HUGE success.  We partied like the NoPo rockstars that we are, hung out with good friends and made a few new ones.  DJ Ghoulio Iglesias rocked the house (as always) while sipalicious cocktails fueled our appreciation of all that creative costuming.  Next time you’re in, ask Juliana about her alter ego, “Julio,” he was definitely a hit. Want to see the evidence?  Friend Trixie’s Beauty Bar on Facebook to pursue your own investigation…
What’s next for us?  Check out these cool events put on by our friends and neighbors…

  Friday, 11/6:  Roosevelt Homecoming Festivities & Community Celebration

Beginning with Campus tours at 1pm, the kids and community at Roosevelt want to celebrate their accomplishments with you.  There’s a BBQ at 5:30, a parade, a bonfire and an actual varsity football game at 7:30pm.  Come see the new athletic facilities and catch up with old friends.  For info call: 503-916-5260, ext. 71437

Friday 11/13, 5-9pm: Design Your Own Jewelry Event
My beautiful & talented friend Kate Thurston (remember her from last year’s Shop, Slurp & Stroll event?) will be bringing her beautiful sterling jewelry collection and her silversmithing abilities to Thirst Wine Bar & Bistro, where you can enjoy some free nibbles or a discounted dinner while you design something beautiful to give or keep.  The lovely Kelly Siegle from St Johns’ Belladonna Beads will also be there with an outstanding collection of beads and semi precious stones for further inspiration.  See you there!  Thirst is located at 0315 SW Montgomery. 
Wednesday 11/18, 7pm: Trixie’s All Fun Whine with Wine Social Hour and Book Club
We’re baaack…  I know it’s been a while, we’ve just been a little busy, what with our community rabble rousing and sparkling social calendar.  The really exciting news is that Miss Jodi will be coming back to hostess book club for us, yaaaay!  We’ve missed her terribly. So, no book this month (we’ll pick it at the meeting, so come with ideas) just wine and catching up.  See you at the salon for this event.
Issue # 21
Trixie’s Beauty Bar is your neighborhood salon.  We believe in spreading beauty, relaxation & happiness to all.

Re-create, Re-spect, Re-new, Re-joice, Re-visit, Re-alize

Ahhh, don’t those words just make you feel good?  Like you want to do something good for yourself?  You know, like eat a salad or go for a walk?  Us, too!  Now that summer seems to have been convinced to make an appearance here (um, finally!), the idea of refreshing and renewing seems particularly compelling. That’s the theme here this month, so keep on readin’ to see what we have in mind to help you come out of your shell.


The Letter R is Brought to You By…


Guest artist, Julie Catherine, came up with the all the “re” words & brought us a wacky, whimsical, slightly Rose Festival-like/Pride Weekend take on our window last week.  If you haven’t seen the lovely lady inhabiting our front window – stop by.  If you can come up with a name for her that Julie likes, she’ll award you the cool Trixie’s hoodie that the groovy gal is wearing.  Come by or “Like” our new Trixie’s page on Facebook to write in and cast your vote for a name.

Non-Bummer Beauty Summer School

Party, you say?  What a GREAT idea!  It’s been waay too long since we had a shindig here at the salon, so we put our heads together to come up with beauty boot camp/ party combo that we think you’ll love. How about a hair styling lesson, mini facial, mini makeover AND a chair massage?  SOund perfect?  Throw in some kind of fizzy, champagney drinks and snacks and you’ve invented the Non-Bummer Beauty Summer School!  Can’t wait to see you there…
Tuesday, June 29th from 5-8pm
Save the date and give us a jingle, 503.285.2899 (or an email) to reserve your spot.

Trixie’s Whine with Wine Book Club & Social Hour

Nope, we didn’t forget about you, book club lovers…  Jodi will be the Hostess with the Mostess on Tuesday, June 22nd at 7pmWe’ll be discussing “Sellevision” by Augusten Burroughs (The “Running with Scissors” Guy) and whatever other fun things we can come up with while drinking a little vino and eating something delish.  See you there, lovelies.

Super Special Secret (or not) Deals

This month, we wanted to bring a some brightness to our little corner of the world, so we decided that for every service you have at Trixie’s this month, we’ll enter you to win (drumroll, please!)… A DAY OF BEAUTY!
If you win, you’ll enjoy a Perfect Pedicure, Personally Yours Facial and a Makeup Bag Overhaul & Lesson.  Fun, right?  Hey, it’s just what we do here, changing the world, one beauty service at a time.

Another fun special we’re trying out comes courtesy of — on Tuesday 6/16 only, you’ll have just one day to purchase a package of either a pedi & facial or pedi & brazilian for only $50!  That’s more than 50% off, folks, so don’t miss out.  Sign up to check out their daily deals on Facebook, your iPhone or via email.

Issue #17   October 15, 2009
Trixie’s Beauty Bar is your neighborhood salon.  We believe in spreading beauty, relaxation & happiness to all.

Get Your Ghoul On…

Halloween 2008Okay, I couldn’t not do it, not after last year was really the best party I ever had…  It would be crazy, right?  So, get your costume together, grab some friends, take the kids trick or treating and then come on by my pad (right behind the Little Red Bike Cafe) on Saturday 10/31 anytime after 7.  We’ll have the infamously awesome DJ Ghoulio Iglesias (AKA the multi-talented Tony Candelaria), perhaps a photo area to preserve your creative costumes for time immemorial, and lots of nefarious beverages and snacks provided by you, the wonderful guests.  There will dancing, drinking and debauchery.  See you there! 


Now through November 10th…

Yes, we’re still mourning Tyler’s exit, but as you know, change is the only constant, right?  So, if you are willing to change and want to give the fab Juliana a chance to make you feel beautiful, we’re offering you 50% off your first service with her if you’re an existing client of Tyler’s.  Don’t forget to let us know when you call or come in. We’re extending this deal until November 10th so everyone gets a chance to take advantage of it.  Have questions?  Need Tyler’s new info?  It’s all good, just give me a jingle at 503.285.2899 or drop me a line

Do a Good Deed…

…and decorate your home or business for the holidays!  My good friends at the Soroptomists (really cool women, all) are in the midst of their annual holiday wreath sale and would like to hear from you.  The wreaths and garland are all beautiful ( I buy one every year) and very reasonably priced from $20 – $25, or you can send a wreath to those hard-to-buy-for folks for only $35. The Soroptomist gals will personally deliver your wreath the week of November 25th.  Contact Evie Salvo at to place your order.

Dating Email ‘O the Week

We’ve decided to forgo celebrity snark of the week for something a little closer to home…  Since I’ve launched into the wonderful world of online dating, I’ve been posting some of the strangest emails on Facebook, but now have decided to bring them to a wider audience for your reading pleasure.  Of course, I’ve been having some fun along the way and the majority of the folks I’ve met online are just regular people (thank goodness!).  Yes, it is snarky, so we’ll change the names of the not-so-innocent and hope it doesn’t damage my dating karma too badly.  Hmm, let’s see — leg fetish man or the singalong guy?  How about a bit of both…

“wow, you are sexy lookin! i would love to have you pull your skirt up for me and let me run my hands all the way up your sexy legs honey! you sexy girl you! e-mail me and be sexy for me honey! kiss!”  –Leg Fetish Man

“My favorite coffee is Folgers Special–Vanilla Biscotti. l like to put hazelnut creamer in it for a complete flavor. Do you like coffee or tea. Speaking about what i like doing at my leisure hours……Lets say i love to take a walk around,listen to wonderful sounds od nature,watch movies,visit the theater to watch live performance,play the piano,watch movies,go camping sometimes,love bowling and also love to go on wonderful trips for relaxation if my leisure time is enough for that….It usually gets me off from my hard days work at work…I mostly do play the piano too and whiles playing the piano singing alongside…..I am not the best but i am improving day by day lol…..” — the Singalong Guy

Peace out…  See you in the salon.  Love, Tracy & Juliana

Issue #16   September 17, 2009
Trixie’s Beauty Bar is your neighborhood salon.  We believe in spreading beauty, relaxation & happiness to all.

Ch, Ch, Ch, Changes

Things are always changing here at the salon, and our latest change is the departure of Ms. Tyler to a bigger salon in downtown Portland.  After crying for an entire day, Juliana and I have managed to recover from the news and have come up with a plan.  Wanna give her a try? Get your first service with Juliana for 50% off (just remind us when you call to make your appointment).  We’ll miss Tyler terribly, but rumor has it she’ll be making a special appearance at my Second Annual Halloween/Birthday party on Saturday, October 31st. In the meantime, if you have any questions for Tyler or want to know more about Juliana, please give us a jingle at 503.285.2899 or shoot me an email.

Need an extra $20? 

Don’t we all!  Well, send in a friend (or two or three) and we’ll give you both $20 off on any service over $25.  Now’s your chance to try that facial or new hair color you’ve always wanted at a discount.  Such a deal.  You & your friend get $20 off and we get cool new clients just like you!  This offer can’t be combined with any others, but you can add them up as you refer more folks. Pick up your referral cards at your next appointment, or just stop by– we’d love to see you.

Bet On North Portland

Be one of the cool kids!Join us for a brand new event benefiting the North Portland Business Association’s Lester Viles Trust.  (Yes, yours truly is on the NPBA board and I will be there ready to party).
“Bet On North Portland” Casino Night Party 
Saturday, 10/3 at 7pm.  8150 North Lombard.
Tickets are $35 and you’ll get $20 in gambling scrip, a free cocktail (plus a no-host bar) & yummy food.  Purchase tickets and read more at: .
This spring, the Viles Trust gave out cash grants to community events & worthy organizations like the St. Johns Farmer’s Market, Arbor Lodge Community Center, and the St. Johns Bizarre, and we’re working hard every day to make our community an even better place to live, work and play!

In Other News…

Some of you may know about my famous aversion to camping — having spent a year of my childhood living in an Eastern Oregon cabin with no electricity or running water — I just haven’t understood the attraction. So, you’ll be interested to know that I actually did go camping (and rafting) this summer and actually had a great time, thanks to some very nice friends who made it all rather painless and drama-free.  My summer has been full of great live music (B-52’s, Reverend Horton Heat, Cathedral Park Jazz Festival, and a cool live burlesque event), good friends and lots of good food & cocktails in the yard. 
Now, my latest gig (besides giving you all smooth, hair-free skin) is as a member of the Citizen’s Advisory Committee for the Portland Development Commission’s North/Northeast Economic Development Initiative.  Yes, you may spot me on the cable access channel devoted to city business, so I’ll try to represent us all as best I can. Curious about any of that?  Drop me a line.
Juliana has been busy learning color correction from the experts at Loreal Professionel, spending the weekend in SF at a giant salon soaking it all in.  Ever had a bad color experience, either through your own efforts or someone else’s?   Juliana now has all the tools and chops to make it right.  She also been spending a lot of time at yoga & bellydancing classes and has recently joined the Portland Lesbian Choir.  She’s also working on some artwork for the St. Johns Art Walk which will be exhibited at the Children’s Relief Nursery.  Sheesh!  Could she be any more talented?  Good thing she’s so nice or we might have to kill her.

In any case, we’d love to hear what you’ve been up to this summer, so take advantage of one of our specials to come on in for a service or two.  We’ll whip you into shape and catch you up on the latest neighborhood gossip.  Your glass of wine is waiting…    Cheers!

Issue #15  May 27, 2009
Trixie’s Beauty Bar is your neighborhood salon.  We believe in spreading beauty, relaxation & happiness to all.

You Can Teach an Old Dog After All

(Me being the old dog, of course)  Meet Tippi! She’s the puppy I’ve been wanting for many months, as you know.  She came to my house at the end of March as a 6 week old, and now she’s a proud puppy class graduate at 4 months.  Tippi is the second dog I’ve adopted from the Cowlitz County Humane Society in Longview, WA and you can find their adoptable critters on  
I’ve never raised a puppy before, but my son is a successful 18 year old, so I figure I’ll do okay.  With the clicker, the treats, the leash and the crate, I feel a little like I’m learning to drive a stick shift or something, but eventually we’ll both get it, I’m sure. Now, if only I could figure out how to manage my love life…  😉
Tippi’s arrival was just the first of many changes to come — we’re all learning new tricks here at the salon.  Friend us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter to keep up with our big doin’s.

Welcome Juliana! 

It feels like she’s been here forever already, but if you haven’t met Juliana, you’re in for a treat.   Juliana is the latest addition to Team Trixie’s — a high energy hair stylist who recently located from Berkeley right here to NoPo.  

Watch Out World…

Hot off the presses…  Amber just graduated from beauty school!  She just has to pass the state exam and then she’ll be our official salon apprentice.  Meanwhile, Amber is running some seriously cool summer specials, so come by and check on her progress:
Perfect pedicures: only $30 (reg. $40)
Personally Yours Facials: only $45 (reg. $60)
Offers good on Fridays and Saturdays only until 06/30/09.

Make Your World a Smoother Place

In my never-ending quest to get you all onto a regular waxing schedule, I’ve adjusted our waxing prices accordingly and lowered them overall.  So, we are now offering a discount on your waxing service if you come in within 5 weeks of your last service.  Think of it as both a carrot and a stick!

Trixie’s Whine with Wine Book Club & Social Hour

Come on down…
Tuesday, 6/30 at 7pm    Trixie’s Beauty Bar

June Book Selection:

Pride and Prejudice and Zombies: The Classic Regency Romance – Now with Ultraviolent Zombie Mayhem!  

By Jane Austen & Seth Grahame Smith

I’ll give you one guess — Who picked this book for book club?  First person to email me with the correct answer gets a travel set of new Pureology Essential Repair products — perfect for your summer vacation.

Issue #14  February 23, 2009
Trixie’s Beauty Bar is your neighborhood salon.  We believe in spreading beauty, relaxation & happiness to all.

Change, it is a comin’…

We’ve had some great suggestions  about our newsletter from folks in the know, so you’ll notice that this issue might look a little bit different than usual.  Do you have some feedback for us?  Speak up, sista’ — we’re listening!  Tell us all about it on Facebook, Twitter, email or even the old-fashioned way… stop by and tell us in person.
In other news, yes, we are looking for some new Trixie’s team members, but only because we need some more help, NOT because anyone is leaving.  Tyler is just soooo busy, she needs another pair of hands around here.  See below for helpful scheduling hints.

Brighten Up! 

Feeling a bit drab these days?  Desperate for spring?  Us too.  The snow was fun and all, but honestly, enough already!

Enter stage right:  Cute new makeup from the groovy gals at The Balm…

Read more here


A little Help From Your Friends

Okay — so you’ve got the cute makeup, now what?
Need help?  Don’t know which brush to use?  Still wearing the same eye colors you wore in 10th grade (Pat Benatar electric blue, baby!) ?

Tyler is Hot!  (But of course, you knew that)

When’s your next hair appointment?  Don’t know?  Don’t have one? YIKES!
Tyler (fondly known around here as the Mistress of Style) is on fire right now — she has clients stalking her all the way from the suburbs after seeing our clients with her cute coifs walking down the street.
What does this mean to you?  Click here to read more…

Trixie’s Whine with Wine Book Club & Social Hour

Come on down…
Tuesday, 2/24 at 7pm    Trixie’s Beauty Bar
We’ll have wine and snacks and good conversation.  (Maybe we’ll even talk about the book or something).

Doing Good Works?  Get some help.

Every day, we get hear about our clients’ cool projects and ideas to benefit the community.  There’s Andrea’s  Swap and Play, Shir’s mural idea, and more.
Of course, these projects take time and money, which, conveniently, is now available from the North Portland Business Association. (of which yours truly is now a board member — what werethey thinking?)Want more info on this grant?  The deadline is March 31st

, so click here for the 411.


Issue #13  January 8, 2009   Happy New Year to all of us!
Trixie’s Beauty Bar is your neighborhood salon.  We believe in spreading beauty, relaxation & happiness to all.

Hello 2009!  We’re SOOOO glad you’re here.

Whew, I’m glad that’s over.  2008 is so last yearNew president, new mayor, new White House dog — what more could we want?  Well, other than the puppy that Santa forgot to bring me, things are looking good here at Trixie’s and around the neighborhood.  Thanks for your continued support of local businesses like ours.  To paraphrase Ghandi, “we can be the world we wish to see” if we support the places we like in our neighborhood, so keep it up!

Thanks to the [insert favorite local news storm terminology here — mine is “snowpocalypse”], many of you were unable to attend our really cool holiday party, but we did get to eat a lot of really great catering from Evan, Ali & Madeleine at Little Red Bike Cafe for several days following the party.  Did you have items or cash you wanted to donate?  Great!  You can still do that at any time, just click the donate now link on their website.Well, keep on reading to see what’s happening around here — we’ve been transforming an unusual number of folks with dramatic new ‘do’s  — Tyler thinks it must be a sign of a larger astrological shift.  What about you?  What will you do for yourself this year?  Facials?  Pedi’s?  A new skincare regimen? More importantly, how can we help you?

Everything you ever wanted to know


ASK the Makeup Maven Classes:  Thurs 1/15 and Thurs 1/29  
Just $10 to reserve your spot — Call or email today!

Have you been wanting a new look, but don’t know how?  Do your brows make you batty?  Have you always wanted to know how to do liquid liner or the perfect lip?  Bought a product that you don’t know how to use?  We have the answers! 
For the low, low price of $10, we’ll reserve your place in our exclusive group of five people and then apply it to any purchase you make that evening.  We thought we’d just let you ask the questions rather than hear ourselves talk, whaddya think?  Bring a product of your own that you have questions about or dig into ours, it’ll be fun!  Call Tracy for more info: 503.285.2899

Bala what?

Perhaps you’ve been hearing us talking about the class that Tyler went to in San Francisco this fall? She was invited to attend the Loreal Professionel Academy Class on the French hair-painting technique called Balayage
What’s that, you say?  So glad you asked! You’ve seen this technique more than you realize — most celebs and stars are big fans of these natural-looking highlights that grow out almost imperceptibly (unlike traditional highlights done with foils which require more frequent maintenance).  They are not just for blondes — take a look at Jodi’s cute reddish-gold, face-brightening balayage the next time you’re in.
Interested in finding out more?  Ask Tyler for a free consult.  She’s one of the few stylists in Portland doing this beautiful technique and we’re starting prices for it at just $100.  Keep in mind that it will require less frequent touch-ups, so you’ll love it.

Moms Unite!

There must be something in the water around here or maybe it’s last year’s writer’s strike (as client Amy la Rosa) suggested, but whatever the case, we seem to be in the middle of a Trixie’s BABY BOOM!  Although my son Alec is now applying to colleges — yikes!– I remember very clearly how isolating it can be when you’re home with little kids.
Beginning this Saturday, 1/10, Trixie’s client and mom Andrea Davey has started a cool organization for families right here in St. Johns called Swap n Play.  Their grand opening is on Saturday from 11-1, so bring the kids for puppet shows, snacks and more. They are located in a great space at the Red Sea Community Church, 7535 N. Chicage Ave.

Swap n Play is an inviting place for children and their families to come play and experience community together. It is a year-round place for those  member families to exchange useful goods (clothing, toys, books, art supplies, baby equipment, and more), a place for parents to both network and support each other and a place to share household items.  Want to arrange your own tour?  Call Andrea at 503.544.3996

Trixie’s Whine with Wine Book Club & Social Hour

Yes!  We’re back.  Don’t miss the first 2009 Reading-Optional Book Club & Social Hour.
Tuesday, January 27th @ 7pm at Trixie’s.  (I’ll bring the wine, you know that’s my favorite part.)
January book suggestion: Love Walked In, by Marisa De Los Santos
I hope you like it, I read it during the snow and enjoyed it so much.  I’ve missed you all and can’t wait to catch up.

Celebrity Snark of the Week

Conspicuous consumption, anyone?
Guess not everyone in the country is dialing back their consumption… Not really sure which pseudo-reality show Heidi Montag is on, but she seems to be everywhere in the mags.  Tyler says she’s so lame, she makes Paris Hilton look like she has depth, yikes.  While shopping at the Chanel Boutique, Heidi took time out to get this Chanel logo mani done to her nails, eeewww. Does she have a Chanel tattoo, as well?  You know we do love our designer shoes and handbags, but fingernails?  Bad idea, Heidi.  We give this mani a thumbs down.

Trixie’s Beauty Bar Presents:

Trixie’s Beauty Bar: Sip some champagne & peruse handmade sterling jewelry by local artist Kate Thurston
$22 – $98 — perfect for holiday gifts.
Darcy’s Restaurant will have a yummy $2.95 burger & fry special — Yum!
Sweet Leaf Oddities & More:  Grab some deals at their storewide 25% off sale, snack on some appetizers and meet some of their featured local artists.
Grammy & Nonna’s Toys: Pick up a bargain or two from their selection of “green” toys, munch on a cookie and adopt a family  for the holidays from the Children’s Relief Nursery.New Orleans Candle Co: Savor the special edition holiday candles and spice up your evening with some New Orleans specialty snacks.

Bundle up and bring the family out to visit these local merchants: 
Darcy’s Restaurant, Trixie’s Beauty Bar, Nicola’s Pizza & Pasta Restaurant, A Time to Sew, Sweet Leaf Oddities & More, Grammy & Nonna’s Toys, Second Dressed, New Orleans Candle Company, Copy Pilot. 
Don’t miss it — see you there!  Need more info?
Issue #12 October 23, 2008
Trixie’s Beauty Bar is your neighborhood salon.  We believe in spreading beauty, relaxation & happiness to all.

40 is the new 30, just ask us!

Yep, it’s true.  I just turned 40 and feel better than ever.  Except for that one day with all the crying, I have to say it’s been one of my best birthdays ever.  Honest.  I’m actually celebrating for the whole month of October and then, the whole month of November is devoted to Tyler’s impending 40th.  Dinner at Wilf’s, dessert at Lucier, dancing at the Candlelight Room, best gift ever, a great party — what more could you want? 
Have you ever been to Wilf’s, the fancy restaurant in the train station?  All these years, growing up in Portland, and I’d never been there.  Crazy, huh?  From the moment we arrived, we were treated like visiting royalty — served delicious dinners (tableside caesar salad rocks!), plyed with yummy cocktails and treated ourselves to a lovely wine from the vast selection.  The place just oozes old school cool — those tall, red wingback chairs make you feel like one of Tony Soprano’s pals. Between the trains on one side and the live jazz on the other, it’s like a grown-up prom night.  This family-owned business is a Portland landmark — drop by for jazz and cocktails or your next fancy dinner out — let’s help keep them around for another 30 years.
You’re invited!  Come commemorate Tracy and Tyler’s next decade at our costume extravaganza on Saturday, November 1st at 7ish.  The party will be at my house right behind Little Red Bike Cafe.  Please bring a friend and a beverage to share and don’t forget to wear a fabulous costume.  DJ Ghoulio Iglesias (AKA Tony Candelaria) will be making another appearance along with many other celebs both dead and alive.  Can’t wait to see you there.  Need more info? Click Here.

Wanna do something fun?

Shop Slurp & Stroll
Thursday, November 20th from 6-8pm on our little stretch of Lombard!  In my typical busybody fashion, I’ve managed to browbeat almost all of the folks with businesses between Fiske & Portsmouth to put on a party for you — our neighbors & friends.  
We’ll be having a trunk show of gorgeous (yet affordable) handcrafted sterling jewelry by my friend, Kate Thurston; champagne and other fun stuff.  The other businesses will be featuring samples, local artists, discounts, treats, music and more.  We’re also hoping for special appearances by the choirs from Holy Cross Elementary and De La Salle North High School. 
Watch for our ad in the Sentinel & Review as well as posters here in the neighborhood. Please consider keeping your money in the neghborhood this holiday season — we could use your support and you’ll save both gas & time! Call the salon at 503.285.2899 or email Tracy for more info.
Trixie’s Whine with Wine, Not very serious, Social Hour (Formerly known as Book Cub)
Unfortunately, I can’t do social hour on the regular day this month because I’ll be in California visiting colleges with my smart son — soooo, how about we adjourn until next month when we’ll meet on Tuesday, November 25th at 7pm right in the salon.  Curious about what we’re reading right now?  Just finished The Duchess, by Amanda Foreman and I’m about to start Ship of Fools, by Katherine Ann Porter (because on Mad Men, Betty was reading it and we were curious).  No reading necessary — just come and gab with us! 

 Longer Lasting Lacquer?  Who knew?

You know how nail polish wears off almost instantly even when you get a professional manicure?  Well, maybe it’s just me, but Jodi, in her infinite wisdom, has found the cure!  We are now offering a great new service called the “Mani-Q” — a special coating for your natural nails that both protects them & holds polish like an acrylic nail.  This service takes about 45 minutes, costs $30 and should last about 2-3 weeks, depending on how fast your nails grow.  At that point, you can have them filled for $15 or you can use regular acetone polish remover to soak them off.  I can’t wait for you to try them — even my nails look good for once! Call us at 503.285.2899 to schedule your appointment with Jodi for fab nails.

Salon Updates

We hate to nag, but we just wanted to remind all of our clients & friends that we do need 24 hours notice if you need to cancel an appointment.  That way, we can give the time to someone else who may be waiting for that slot.  We appreciate your patronage and want to be able to give great service to everyone who comes in, so we will charge those with recurring cancellations of less than 24 hours or no shows $25 or half of the missed service (whichever is greater) for the missed appointment.  Let us know if you if you have any questions or concerns about this policy, we’ll be happy to discuss it with you!

All A-Twitter

Do you twitter?  We do!  No idea what I’m talking about? Let me explain…  Twitter is a mini-blogging website where you simply answer the question, “What are you doing?” in 140 characters or less and then read what other people are doing.  Seems a bit goofy at first, but soon becomes addictive.  Look us up as “trixiesbtybar” at –that way you can feel like you’re at the salon anytime!
What about Facebook?  Are you connected?  We’re slowing trying to learn our way around all this social networking stuff — I feel a bit primitive, kinda like Zoolander jumping up and down on the keyboard — so I’m glad that you all are such sophisticated users of these things.  In any case, do become our “friend” if you’re not already.  We want to be in your loop!

Celebrity Snark of the Week

Clay’s Gay
Guess what?  No, not chicken butt.  Clay Aiken is gay!!!!! 
I’ll bet you’re shocked, huh?  And, he had a child out of wedlock using a surrogate mother, OMG!  Maybe this is shocking if you’re a cute granny from Iowa, but the rest of us just don’t consider this announcement actual news.  Anyone who saw him on Idol or on Broadway is not even the tiniest bit surprised.  We’re just happy for him.
Sarah & the Saks Scandal
In electoral news, the RNC just announced that they spent $150,000 on clothes for Sarah Palin’s campaigning.  Is this where I make a joke about lipstick and pigs?  Not going there, really, truly. 
Wherever you stand politically, please don’t forget to vote, your country needs you.  See you soon!

Issue #11  September 13, 2008   Happy 18th Birthday, Alec!  Love, Mom
Trixie’s Beauty Bar is your neighborhood salon.  We believe in spreading beauty, relaxation & happiness to all.

Want Some Cheese With That Wine?

Thursday, September 18th, 5-8pm
Trixie’s has been invited by our friends at Cenain St. Johns to offer mini spa treatments at their latest wine tasting on Thursday, September 18th from 5-8 pm.  They’ll be featuring wines from Murphy’s Law Vineyards and we’ll be doing luscious, wine-flavored, antioxidant hand massages and soothing eye treatments featuring our very own Good For You line.  If you haven’t been to Cena yet, do stop by — they are super-friendly and can help make your life a whole lot easier.  Prepare their yummy dinners ahead of time and just heat & eat.  Perfect for busy families & hectic lives.  See you there! Cena is at 8410 N. Ivanhoe.

 Come Play With UsParty

Did you miss our last event?  We had super-cool DJ Bandito, tropical drinks, free product giveaways & loads o’ fun on Saturday August 9th.  We’ll be having lots of events in the next few months, so don’t despair — there will be one for you.


What’s New at Trixie’s

Well!  It’s been a wild and crazy summer here at Trixie’s (as you can see from the above pics) —
Tyler got to go hang out with extreme sports dudes at the Dew Games; I just got back from Al Green’s fab show in Tacoma (where we got hang out with his band on the tour bus — yeah baby!); Amber’s been busy at beauty school and the End of the World Car Show in Long Beach and Jodi, well, she got to go to Hawaii for the second time this year (we’d hate her if she wasn’t so great). 
In between all that, we’ve waxed, coiffed, buffed, polished & and in some cases actually transformed some of the neighborhood’s coolest folks. As we get kids settled into school and ourselves back into a routine we thought it would be nice if we added some new express services for time-crunched clients.  Curious about how we do nails and why we offer the services we do?  Check out our Beauty Secrets.
All Aglow Anti-Aging Hand Treat  $10
You’ll be peeled, oiled & massaged into a younger version of your hard-working hands.  20 minutes.
Needy Nails Therapy  $12
Need a little therapy?  Don’t we all!  We’ll fix up those ragged cuticles, shape & file your nails & finish up with some yummy lotion.  I feel better already.  25 minutes.
Add nail color to either service for just $5 little smackeroos or get the whole manicure for $20, just like always.
Treat Your Toes  $25
Consider this a polish change on steroids — we’ll clean up your tootsies, care for your cuticles, clip & shape those nails of yours, smooth on some lotion & change up your summer polish for new sophisticated fall shade.  30 minutes.

Want more?  Have our luxury pedi with the massage, the scrub & 60 minutes of exquisite deliciousness for just $40.

Facials for Kids

No, not on kids, silly, for kids! 

From now until November 1st, we’ve decided to offer our AMAZING, 60-minute Personally Yours Facial for just $45 on Wednesdays & Thursdays.  The best part?  We’ll give $5 from each service to help the folks at the Children’s Relief Nursery prevent child abuse & neglect for neighborhood kids age 4 & under.  Now you can do good while you feel good!  What could be better? 
Want to know what other clients are saying about our facials? Check out & while you’re there, give us some feedback.  We’d love to know what you think of your Trixie’s experience!

 Color Me Happy

Stephanie, our fab Loreal Professionel rep, has gotten me yet again.  She has this water torture method of sales where she just keeps talking about things until I succumb…  Fortunately for you, we LOVE all of our Loreal Professionel stuff, so it works out to be a good deal for everyone.

Our latest find?  Loreal’s Colorist Collection is designed to enhance and protect your hair color in between appointments.  You might even find that you can get away with coming a little less often.  Groovy natural botanicals, keratin bonding dyes, and apricot kernel oil provide conditioning, shine & color preservation when you use the shampoo & conditioner between regular shampoos.  The Colorist Collection comes in a huge range of 12 colors, so ask us which is the best one for you & your hair color investment.
Loreal Professionnnel is also going to be sending Ms. Tyler to the Loreal Academy in San Francisco for a class on a new color technique called baliage.  Watch out world, here we come!

Look, a whole newsletter & no celebrity gossip!  Who knew it was even possible?  We’ll even show  admirable restraint and resist snarking on Sarah Palin. See, I can be nice;) Catch you in the salon. 

Tracy, Tyler, Amber & Jodi 
Issue #10  July 17, 2008
Trixie’s Beauty Bar is your neighborhood salon.  We believe in spreading beauty, relaxation & happiness to all.

Bien Dans Sa Peau

Glancing through the Sunday NY Times a couple of weekends ago, I stumbled across a cool article in the editorial pages about Carla Bruni, President Sarkozy’s new wife.  According to one source, “Sarkozy has stopped behaving like such a twit since the marriage.”  Good to hear!  I guess this “trophy wife” gives as good as she gets, eh?   The coolest part of the article, however, was about Carla herself.  She is a 40 year old single mom, model and actress.  The secret government source reports, “Carla is playing her role well.  She is bien dans sa peau, happy in her own skin.”
We should all aspire to that state of mind, don’t you think?  Happiness shows, after all, just like stress does.  How do you make yourself happy?  Remember the Trixie’s mantra — you can’t take of anyone else unless you take care of yourself first!  If we practice that, I think, we can all be happy in our own skin.  See you in the salon…

What’s Happenin’…

Cool Maps
Have you seen the snazzy little maps of North & Northeast Portland neighborhoods floating around?  It’s a great piece showcasing both established business districts and emerging areas.  Might as well check out some cool spots to shop and play close to home, don’tcha think?  Drop by Trixie’s or the Orleans Candle company to pick up your free map.
Sidewalk Sale: Saturday, August 9th
In our little unofficial business district here on North Lombard (NoLo, anyone?), we’ve been working on a few projects together lately and the first one is….  a Summer Sidewalk Sale on Saturday, August 9th! Not very original, I know, but it should be fun and will give you a chance to clean up on our overstock items while we clean out our backstock.  Do you live nearby and want to participate?  Have a yard sale or lemonade stand that same day and we’ll help send happy customers your way!  Spread the word… at Trixie’s, we’ll have Redken, Aesthe, Happytails Doggy Spa stuff and some of our fun gifty items at bargain prices.  Other participants so far include: Copy Pilot, Orleans Candle Company, Second Dressed & Sweet Leaf.  Wear your sunscreen and come out to shop with us!
Jazz Festival:  Friday, July 18th — Sunday, July 20th
I’m heading up to the Cathedral Park Jazz festival this weekend —  Friday July 18th through Sunday July 20th.  If you’ve never been, get yourself on up to one of Portland’s really special “neighborhoody” events.  You can walk right in, find a patch of grass, bring your own picnic and hear some stellar music.  Curtis Salgado, Randy Porter, Linda Lee Michelet, Karla Harris are just some of the acts on stage.  Need more info?

Trixie’s News

Congratulations Amber!
All of us at Trixie’s are pleased as punch to announce that our very Miss Amber Wier recently became a Licensed Esthetician!  Yes!  And… she’s well on her way to becoming a kick-ass hairstylist under the very apt tutelage of Mistress Tyler.  We’ll keep you posted on Amber’s progress.  Maybe I can get her to guest blog about her beauty school adventures, hmm?  Believe me, there’s no other educational experience quite like beauty school…  To celebrate, we’re having Amber offer $10 brow waxes for the rest of the summer!  Call us to schedule your brow wax with Amber at 503.285.2899.(Offer good 7/18 — 8/30)
Tips From Tyler
Tyler says not to forget to buy salon quality hair products to preserve your investment in her fab cuts and color.  They’ll last longer and look better.  Questions?  Stop by, we’ll point you in the right direction.

Trixie’s All-Fun, Not Serious, Whine with Wine Book Club

Okay, I admit it, I blew it with June’s book club field trip experiment to Leisure Public House.  First of all it was Trivia night (a very popular activity), and second of all, I was sick and wasn’t there to gather up all the little chicks into the nest.  My apologies to those coolio folks who did make it!
Sooooo, let’s kick it old school for August, shall we?  How about we meet on the last THURSDAY 8/28 at 7pm at the salon.  Everyone seemed to like the book for June, so since we didn’t get to discuss it, let’s read another Kris Radish book:  Annie Freeman’s Fabulous Traveling Funeral. Ready? Okay! [Insert cheerleading arms here].

Celebrity Noise

Olympics, every 4 years, I LOVE them!  Geeky to be sure, but those heartwarming stories of athletes overcoming adversity get me every time.  Here’s the coolest one so far…
Dara Torres, past Olympic winner & cool mom, just came back for the second time at age 41 to qualify for the US Olympic Swim Team.  Does that rock or what?  We’ll be watching her progress and cheering her along from the couch, yeah!
In other celeb news — Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban had a baby girl named Sunday Rose, what is it with celebs and their baby names?  They seem to be getting more “creative” every day.  Can’t they save the really crazy ones for their pets like the rest of us?
New York Yankee Alex Rodriguez’s wife is filing for divorce, claiming that he and Madonna had a wild affair.  Madonna denies all — poor Guy Ritchie!  As for Christie Brinkley’s nasty Hamptons divorce, she only had to pay hubby number 3 about $3.2 million to wash him right out of her hair.  She gets the kids and the homes — guess he shouldn’t have screwed around with that 19 year old assistant (who then testified for Christie) or performed certain sex acts online for money, ewwwww.  It seems Christie has about as much luck as I do with marriage, pre-nups anyone?
Issue #9  May 14, 2008
Issue #8  March 28, 2008
Trixie’s Beauty Bar is your neighborhood salon.  We believe in spreading beauty, relaxation & happiness to all.

Quote of the Week

“There is no such thing as natural beauty.”  -Truvy, Dolly Parton’s character in Steel Magnolias
Well, of course, there is natural beauty in the world (gorgeous babies, the first spring flowers, a perfect sunshiney day) but why not practice good self-care and get a little more beautiful as well?
Here at Trixie’s, we’ve been converting the previously uninitiated (see our blog) to the utter delight of our Personally Yours Facials and our Luxury Spa Pedicures.  Why not treat yourself and a friend to shiny new toes or glowing, gorgeous skin?  I know I’m very excited to be getting facials again now that Jodi is officially a Licensed Esthetician!  YES!  I’ve felt so neglected you know, between the pedi’s, mani’s, hair and waxing that I demand on a regular basis.  Now you know my dirty little secret… I really am high maintenance after all — shhh, don’t tell.  Hope to see y’all in my facial bed soon.

Neighborhood Hangouts

We’ve been enjoying our neighborhood so much lately, we thought we’d share a few of our faves both old and new:
Leisure 8002 N. Lombard St. 503.289.7606
Yet another gorgeous young couple with a great spot on Lombard — we’d hate ’em if they just weren’t so dang nice.  Nicole & Travis have recently added hard liquor to their beer & wine offerings (of which I imbibed quite freely last Saturday night) and we’re dying to get out to that awesome patio, which features bocce ball, of all things.  I hear Tuesday Trivia nights are lively, also.  See you there!
Cena8401 North Ivanhoe Street  503.236.2246
Our new friend Chevella is working diligently to get her cool place open by late April or May.  At Cena, you prepare your food and cook it at home.  Want to know more?  Let Chevella know, once she survives the “trying to get open” phase that we’ve all been through, she’ll be thrilled to answer your questions!  Welcome to the neighborhood.

Yvonne Smith Fund & Plant Sale

When Yvonne Smith left Columbia Pool (like we’ve all done a million times) and was hit by a car driven by a strung-out driver, her fellow swimmers & neighbors were moved to act.  Talk about grassroots organizing!  Evie, Tim and all the other friends have gotten a plant sale and website together to help Yvonne take care of expenses from her double leg amputation that are not covered by insurance.  Now, it’s our turn to do what we can to contribute.  Order a plant or make a paypal donation to help out a friend and neighbor in need.

Waxing Poetic

As I said before, our own Jodi is now a proudly licensed esthetician in addition to nails, and she needs to get her wax on with some of you so she can actually put into practice what she’s learned at beauty school.
To facilitate that, we’re offering a 40% discount on any waxing services booked with Jodi between now and April 30th.  Jodi is available Wednesdays & Fridays and, of course, I’ll be around to supervise her every move.  If you’re looking for a bargain and you’re feeling patient, let us know and we’ll hook you up with some super-smooth skin.  Did I mention how excited I am to start getting facials again?

Trixie’s All-Fun, Best-in-the-World, Whine with Wine Book Club

Following one of the best book clubs ever — sorry you missed it — we had a GREAT time!  We will be reading: Charlie Wilson’s War: The Extraordinary Story of How the Wildest Man in Congress and a Rogue CIA Agent Changed the History of Our Times, by George Crile. Yep, we even talked politics!
We’ll meet next on: Tuesday, April 29th at 7pm.

Most Pretentious Celebrity Photo Shoot Ever

Okay, this one kept me ranting for at least 20 minutes.  Take a look at Jlo & Marc Anthony’s new twin baby photo shoot in People Magazine.
It’s soooooo over the top — it looks like a parody of Joan Crawford’s Mommie Dearest pics from the 40’s. What the heck were they thinking?  That publicist should be canned immediately.
I’m done with my rant now, I think, maybe…
I just want to know, where’s Jenny From the Block, now?  Living in a royal manor next door to the Lady Madge (the artist formerly known as Madonna)? Or better yet, down the lane from Tom & Katie.
Here Jlo gazes adoringly at Marc while they feed the twins in their new nursery.  (Insert gagging noise here).  Note the designer silk gown, perfect updo and bare feet — how casual!  I’ve hit my snark peak now.
Celebrities — they make it so easy sometimes to put ’em up on the pedestal and then gleefully tear ’em down, don’t they?
Have a great week, see y’all soon!
Issue #7, February 22, 2008

It’s not as much fun as the Samba…

In my self-sacrificing pursuit of self improvement and beauty education, I want you all to know that I finally had my very first Brazilian wax last week.  Yes, I’ve done a million of them for my lovely (and brave) clients, but I had yet to experience that particular version of waxing for myself.  So, my hat is off to you gals!  I’m a pretty tough cookie, but I gotta say that it does smart a bit.  Just thought you all should know that I can finally say, “I feel your pain,” and sincerely mean it.
As the sun begins to peek out between the clouds and our thoughts turn to spring, let me know if you have any questions about waxing.  Now is a great time to grow out hair (especially legs) and begin a waxing regime.  Curious about the difference between a bikini and brazilian?  Want to know what your options are?  Just give me call and I promise to tell you more than you probably want to know.  We don’t have pictures like at the tattoo parlor, but I can give a pretty graphic description.  We also sell a great numbing product called “No Scream Cream” which you put on at home prior to arriving at the salon for waxing.  At $16, it’s well worth it.  See you all soon in my room of pleasure and pain.

Jogging and Beer… what could be better?

Ready to show off all your New Year’s resolution exercise?  We’re working on putting Team Trixie’s together for the 30th Annual Shamrock Run on Sunday, March 16th.  Shoot me an email or give me a call at the salon if you’re interested in being part of our team.  Mind you, we may gasp or crawl our way along, but we promise to meet you at the end for a beer. Tyler will wear her heels and stand on the sidelines cheering us on.

Trixie’s All-Fun, Not Very Serious, Whine with Wine Book Club

Book Club, Book Club, Book Club!
Tuesday, February 26th at 7pm
Born Standing Up by Steve Martin
I’ll bring the wine and cookies, you bring the scintillating conversation. Hopefully some of us actually read this book, it was short and really entertaining. Plus, I hear rumors that a husband or two may actually join us this time.  Could be a whole new dynamic!  If you’ve been thinking about coming but haven’t made it, do drop by.  We always have a good time.  See you there.

You like us, you really, really like us!

Special thanks to couple of our clients who recently wrote some great reviews on citysearch and on our blog.  Not to toot our own horn, but… why the heck not?   Just so you know, we love you, too!
02/08/2008 Posted by smartrn

Trixie’s is a wonderful place for services. The hairstylist, Tyler, is the best I’ve found in a long time. She is so skilled at both cutting and coloring hair. She really listens to you, and offers helpful suggestions. Plus, there are no surprises when she’s done. If you ask her to cut off 1/2 “, that’s what she’ll do. The prices are reasonable, there’s plenty of parking, and there are other great stops in the neighborhood. It’s a small salon, so you don’t have to contend with lots of noise. Get in now, before Tyler gets too popular (which will only be a matter of time!).

Pros: Small salon, free & available parking, very talented stylist, reasonable prices

Cons: None.

Treat Yourself!
Highly Recommended

12/13/2007 Posted by sloepker

I love the “pressed for time facial” at Trixies. At 30 bucks it is a guilt free treat. My skin looked great for weeks afterwards. My husband even noticed a difference! There is no pressure to buy products and Tracy is delightful.

Spring Forward

We’re infected with Spring fever lately, how about you? My tulip bulbs are poking up in the yard, so I think I’ll stick my head out there too.  Looks like we’ll be seeing a lot of brightly colored nails, handbags and shoes — think bright yellow, orange, purple, pink & red.  Add a new bright accessory to your winter black and gray wardrobe and you’ll feel like the sun came out, (at least in your little corner of the world).
We’re also on the prowl for some fun new spring lipstick shades and a couple of bright eye shadows, I’ll let you know when they arrive.
We’re also bringing in a FAB new hair line — Tyler is so excited!  Kusco Murphy is an all-organic and natural line from Australia, designed by a hair session artist.  All the styling products come in little pots (even the hairspray, cool!) and really do what they say they do.  We love the natural scents, yummy textures, and effectiveness of this stuff.  Give it a try at your next hair appointment.

Issue #6 January 17, 2008

Trixie’s Beauty Bar is your neighborhood salon.  We believe in spreading beauty, relaxation & happiness to all.

Country Songs

Except for getting fired (nope, not going anywhere!), my life has suddenly taken a turn towards classic country song land.  In addition to my pending divorce, I had to say goodbye to my cute little Elvis (the terrier) last week.  Elvis has now left the building for good.  Thankfully, I still have my grandma’s miniature poodle to keep me company, so it’s not too bad.  Thank goodness for the wonderful folks at Dove Lewis and for all my kind clients, co-workers, friends and neighbors.  Grief support group anyone?  I’ll bring the wine…
And by the way, my great hair is courtesy of Tyler’s talented hands, I’m headed back to blonde, so if you went dark this Fall and want to see how it works — just look at my coif.

Excellent Adventures

So, as usual, there is some cool stuff happening around our little corner of the world.  Let’s all get out there and support our hardworking neighbors…
Trixie’s Whine with Wine, Not very serious, Sort-of Book Club
Don’t forget — our next book club meeting is Tuesday 1/22 at 7pm.  We’re reading (if we get around to it) Love In the Time of Cholera, by Gabriel Garcia Marquez.  Come one, come all… we promise to talk about the book for at least ten minutes or so…
St Johns Neighborhood Community Social
When: Saturday, January 19th, from 5-8pm
Where: St Johns Community Center, 8427 North Center Street
What: It’s a party — local eats, local music, puppet shows, story time, and raffle prizes from many neighborhood folks (yep, even Trixie’s).  Go, Eat, Schmooze, Enjoy!

Feeling Crafty?
Refind Home and Garden (formerly Refind Fashion in Kenton)   7440 North Lombard
Stop by and meet Kimberly, she has a great eye and some very cool finds that you won’t be able to resist, I promise. Also, she’ll be having fab craft classes on the second floor of her new space (formerly The Satin Doll Strip Club, apparently there are some fond memories around the neighborhood).  The first class is on Thursday 1/5 from 6-9 pm, call Kimberly at 503-283-6998 for cost and more info.
Time To Sew 4830 North Lombard  (in the old B Sharp location)
We hear great things about this little store that has travelled from Interstate Ave, to further up Lombard and has now settled (permanently, we hope) here across the street from us.  Myree has been working hard to get her space ready, and it looks like she is now open.  Rumor has it that her quilting classes are awesome.  Let us know, stop on by.
Stitch and Bitch If you’re feeling really crafty this winter, do go by the venerable Naked Sheep Knit Shop, 2142 North Killingsworth, where our new client and friends Cheri and Brad have created a cozy, real-life version of the popular book, The Friday Night Knitting Club.  They offer classes for all levels, kind assistance and the most beautiful yarn you have ever seen.  Get inspired!  For more info, call 503-283-2004.

Good For You!

If you didn’t get your Trixie’s Gift Certificate for Christmas, never fear, Valentine’s Day is just around the corner.  Feel free to come by and register for services and products, we’ll be happy to help your helpless honey get you what your heart desires.  (I love alliteration, don’t you?)
Drumroll, please…
Finally!  We’re getting ready to unveil our new skincare line, Good For You.  Those of us who’ve tried it love, love, love it, so we’re ready to spread the word.  Watch your snail mailbox for a postcard with a free ultra-mini facial and skin analysis offer.  We’ve looked long and hard for a line that combines the latest skincare technology with reasonable pricepoints and all the other good stuff!  Come check it out.
Hurts So Good
Keeping in the good for you theme, it’s been fun to some of our clients and friends down at the newly remodeled University Park Community Center, 9009 North Foss.  We’ve been sweating and groaning our way through the evening aerobic and weight training classes offered as part of the $60 3 month membership price.  Feel free to come join me, it’s great therapy for all that ails you.  I love Portland Parks and Rec, it’s one of the best reasons to live in our great city!

Celebrities, Schmelebrities

I’m so overwhelmed by the plethora of celebrity drama out there, I don’t even know where to begin…
Britney — hospital, police, dating a paparazzi, little sis’ pregnancy –uugghh.
Nicole Ritchie– birth — congrats.
Eddie Murphy — splits from wife of two weeks — why do they even bother?  just throw a party.
Matthew McConaughy — going to be a dad — that’s it, I’m now officially broken-hearted.
On that note, I’ll just leave you with this gem of a picture… Your thoughts on this combo?
Don King & Paris Hilton?  Where’s Cyndi Lauper and the crazy wrestling guy?  Or throw in our own local wannabe boxer, Tonya Harding.  You all know I went to Vegas with her for the weekend once, right?  Let me know if you want to know more….

Issue #5  December 5, 2007
Trixie’s Beauty Bar is your neighborhood salon.  We believe in spreading beauty, relaxation & happiness to all.

Come On Down…

Trixie’s Holiday Open House
Sunday, December 9th, 11-1
Help us help some parents in need make their child’s holiday brighter — please bring a toy or non-perishable food for a family from the Children’s Relief Nursery. Need more info on what to bring? Click here.
Come on down for mimosas, snacks, shopping & schmoozing!  Gift wrapping, catering from Little Red Bike Cafe and introductions to your neighbors with our compliments!  See you there.

Professional Hit List

Tired of getting the same thing every year for Christmas?  Is your sweetie hopelessly helpless when it comes to gift giving?  Is he or she at Fred Meyer’s on Christmas Eve searching frantically for something appropriate to bring home?
Let us take the stress away… just stop by and fill out a Trixie’s Professional Hit List Gift Registry Form and we’ll contact your loved ones via phone or email to let them know what you desire.  After taking their credit card info over the phone, we’ll wrap your gift and have it ready for them to pick up.  Voila! Holiday gift-giving (and receiving) drama prevented.  Call or stop by for more info.

Cool, Cool, Cool  New Stuff

Remember all the neat Anne Taintor Stuff we had last year?  Guess what — it’s all new and coming in this week!  Give your girlfriends something sassy for the holidays.
We’re also working in awesome mood candles & mood rings (remember how much fun those are?), spa buckets, funny devotional candles, yummy lotions and scrubs from Bubalina and a great new line called Smart Women (which of course, we all are, so how appropriate!).  You’ll dig it & we’ll gift wrap it — you’re all set.  Shop local — we’ll love you even more than we do already!

Trixie’s Newly Re-Christened “Wine with Whine Book Club”

After a member’s husband said we needed to rename the club if we weren’t going to actually read the book… (what fun would that be?)  I’ve chosen the above moniker to represent us for our next meeting:
Tuesday, January 22 @7pm
We’ll be reading Love in the Time of Cholera, by Gabriel Garcia Marquez
No fair just going to the movie — at least read the book first.  We’ll see you there!

Celebrity Gossip Grab Bag

I’ll let this pic of Larry Birkhead & daughter Dannielynn speak for itself… Britney, pregnant?  Say it ain’t so…  In Touch Magazine has the rumor.Say goodbye to Evel Knievel, everyone’s favorite daredevil.  Did I tell you I once saw his mile-long limo in Helena, Montana, circa 1970 something?  I know, pretty cool.

How do you like Katie Holmes’ new do?  She & her pal Posh have brought back bobs — thumbs up or down?  We won’t even talk about Tom’s bangs, eeewwww.
See y’all on Sunday 12/9.  Ho, ho, ho & Happy Holidays from all of us here at your neighborhood salon.  We’re grateful everyday for the fabulous clients & friends we have.  Hope you get to experience everything your heart desires this holiday season.
Tracy, Tyler, Amber & Jodi
Issue #4  October 31, 2007


rixie’s Beauty Bar is your neighborhood salon.  We believe in spreading beauty, relaxation & happiness to all.

Neighborhood Happenings Miss Navajo (Tonight!)Our cool friend & client, KJ, has a great NoPo business called Global Sistergoods and she is partnering with OPB & PDX Community Cinema to present a series of FREE documentaries here at our own St. Johns Cinema. The next one is “Miss Navajo,” a film about a Navajo beauty pageant by Billy Luther.  The screening and panel discussion will be held on Wednesday, 10/31 at 8:00pm.  The St Johns Cinema is at 8704 N. Lombard Street. About the Film: “How many beauty contestants can say ‘I competed in a pageant where I butchered a sheep?’  Crystal Frazier Can.  Follow this introverted, self-proclaimed tomboy as she makes bread, weaves a rug, sweats her way through a language quiz — and that’s just the first day– on her quest to become Miss Navajo.”We’ll see you there!  Need more info?’ Horse Auction

The hardworking folks at the Children’s Relief Nursery are getting ready for a fabulous fundraising event on Thursday, November 8th from 6-9pm at the Lawrence Gallery.  local artists have decorated wooden rocking horses and created other original works for the art auction and salethat evening.  You’ll also be able to hear live jazz, munch on catered goodies & sip wine for the price of your $35 ticket.  We hope to see you there!  For more info click:

Wreaths For Women

Need a beautiful evergreen wreath or other holiday decoration for your home?  Want to mail a piece of Oregon greenery to your friends in other places?  See your local Soroptimist, Tracy, to purchase your wreaths starting at just $25.  The Soroptimists are an international organization of women working to better women’s lives.  Locally, the North Portland Chapter uses fundraising events like this wreath sale to support organizations like domestic violence shelters, the Children’s Relief Nursery & other worthy causes.

“How-To” Night

You’ve asked and asked… So here you go!  Come on over for an evening of hair, makeup and skincare assistance.  We’ll be plying you with champagne as you go to your 15 minute hairstyling, makeup, or skincare appointments with Tyler, Tracy, Amber & Jodi.  Book your lessons today! This FREE event will be Friday, November 16th from 5-8pm. You can learn to blowdry, arrange an updo, apply perfect liquid eyeliner or which cleanser is best for your skin type.  Pureology & Loreal representatives will be available to answer any hair product questions & we’ll all have a good time.  Call us at 503.285.2899 to RSVP!

Silly Celebrity Halloween Costumes

I know, I know… but just it’s like a trainwreck, I can’t help but look.  Here’s our faves: Heidi Klum- very scary                Lisa Rinna- dancing pirate?            Paris- ugghh

Issue #3  September 28, 2007 Trixie’s Beauty Bar is your neighborhood salon.  We believe in spreading beauty, relaxation & happiness to all.

Happy, happy, happy…

Happy anniversary to Trixie’s & a very happy Grand Opening to our delightful new neighbors, Little Red Bike Cafe’!

Ride on Over…

Join us tomorrow, Saturday 9/29, from 12-5 for an Ice Cream Social &

Benefit for Portsmouth Clarendon School’s Safe Routes to School Program

Beauty Raffles, Homemade Ice Cream, Healthy Snacks, Helmet fittings & more!


All of your favorite Redken Shampoos & Conditioners 30% off until they’re gone…  Also 30% off,  those delicious Bella Lucce’ lemongrass & citrus honey body products.  Grab ’em while you can…  We’re gearing up for the holidays with all new cool stuff.

Watch for Loreal Professionel, the oh-so-French professional treatment line that includes amazing hair masks and power booster treatments that you’ll get for free at your next hair service. Why?  Because we love you, that’s why!

Another treat coming soon is straight from a cool chick’s Chicago workroom –yummy natural body products from Sugarlips ranging from $8-$16.

Trixie’s Beauty Blog

So, my smart sister came home from Tel Aviv for a visit and helped me into the wonderful world of blogs.  Check it out if you’re so inclined and please feel free to participate, comment, complain, join in — whatever suits your fancy!  Got something you want us to check out?  let us know and we’re so on it.  Any excuse for a shopping trip, you know.

Ashton Kutcher on the role of men as accessories…

“When it comes to getting dressed, men are a little bit more important than handbags, but less important than shoes.” Kutcher said recently in US Weekly.Demi must be like our very own Tyler, the shoe goddess.  Do you think that this statement is Gen Y’s version of “A woman without a man is like a fish without a bicycle”?  We’ve come a long way, baby.

Trixie’s Fall Shopping Extravaganza

Watch this space for more info on our latest brainstorm — a shopping excursion with Tyler & Kate Loggan, our friend and author of “Walking Closet”.  We can see it now — just close your eyes and imagine….A bunch of great gals on a van with a driver– I hear giggling, smell lunch and can just taste the morning mimosas as we head off to some great neighborhood we haven’t had time to check out yet…  Missippi or Alberta anyone?  Once off the bus in some cute boutique, we receive special treats and great shopping advice from Tyler & Kate, our resident fashionistas.  Heaven, isn’t it?  We’ll let you know when we start taking reservations.  You know you want to…

Issue #2  September 7, 2007

Trixie’s Beauty Bar is your neighborhood salon.  We believe in spreading beauty, relaxation & happiness to all.

It’s a Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood…

We’re very excited about three great new businesses here in Lombard/St John’s created by some of our pals — so come on out this weekend and say hi!First, there’s the Little Red Bike Cafe, our new next door neighbors.  Evan & Ali are serving up awesome coffee, yummy sandwiches & most importantly, HOMEMADE ICE CREAM!!!  Try out their Bike-Thru window in the afternoons for your afternoon pick-me-up!  Watch this space for more info on their Grand Opening Ice Cream Social, Saturday 9/29.   Little Red Bike Cafe is at 4823 N. Lombard. One of our lovely clients, Jamie, kept telling us about these great tops she was sewing up at home and how she couldn’t stop buying whole estates’ worth of vintage clothes.  We kept trying to get invited to her house, but to no avail.  Lo & behold, Jamie dropped by this week to announce the opening of her adorable little store in St. Johns!  It is called Atomic Daylight and it is just as cool as we imagined.  She is located across the street from the St. Johns Theater & Anna Banana’s right on Lombard.  Look for her great orange & blue paint job and tell her hi from us, we’ll be over on payday!Another place we’ve been lately that we love is our friend Kelly’s awesome new bead store on St. Louis & Lombard Street.  Look for the gorgeous, brightly painted house that is now Belladonna Beads.  Kelly & her partner, Ed have created a world of beads & all kinds of jewelry fixin’s from their extensive collection.  They offer classes, parties, and advice galore — so stop in to create your own piece or try on one of Kelly’s exquisite creations.  7325 N. St Louis Ave  Phone:503.283.0661 Hours: Tues-Sat 10-6

Book Club, Book Club, Book Club!

This month’s book selection is….  (scientifically chosen at random from our jar of titles) “Good Night Nobody”  By Jennifer Wiener. The ladies at St Johns Booksellers promise to stock the book for us this month.  So feel free to shop local if you can.  8622 N. Lombard or 503.283.0032. We’ll be meeting on Wednesday, September 26th at 7pm here at Trixie’s.

Cool Fashion Tidbits

It’s Fashion Week in New York where they are previewing Spring fashion — but here at Trixie’s we’re thinking about our clothes for Fall.  We have our eye on chunky sweaters, cobalt blue accessories (or hair– did you see Tracy’s?), grey (it’s the new black — wink, wink), Kate Hepburn trousers, all kinds of dresses and coats that make a statement.

Random Celebrity News

News Flash —

Britney goes clubbing all night!  And.. she finishes up her evening with a stop at a Wendy’s Drive Thru window.  Poor Britney!  We can’t wait to see her at the MTV  Video Music Awards this weekend — what will she do next?  Who would have thought that K-Fed would actually look like a good parental candidate?

Salon News

Tracy is fresh from the Face & Body Conference in San Francisco, where she soaked up 3 days of classes on everything from Acne to Spa Trends (she thought her head was going to explode from the amount of info she took in) — so if you want to know exactly how skin becomes clogged, just ask! Tyler will be attending a Pureology Certification Class on Monday to learn everything there is to know about those great vegan products we all love.  She’s also cooking up some great ideas for our next menu offering — image consulting & personal shopping.  Who wouldn’t love to shop with Tyler?  You’ve seen her wardrobe, right?Jodi & Tracy will be down at the Kenton Street Fair on Saturday representing Trixie’s & Jodi’s youth group, Job’s Daughters.  Jodi & the girls will be selling Italian sodas to raise funds for their next adventure.  Meanwhile, Jodi has also been diligently working on her gel & acrylic nail skills with an eye towards adding those services on Mondays here at the salon.Amber is thrilled to be starting Esthetics School in October with Jodi — they’ll both be adding another skill to their already considerable talents.  Yaaay! — now Tracy will actually have someone to wax her legs!

Issue #1  August 8, 2007 Trixie’s Beauty Bar is your neighborhood salon.  We believe in spreading beauty, relaxation & happiness to all.

Watch this space & our website for blogs & other fun stuff as we get more tech-savvy.


Book an appointment for any service this week Weds 8/8 – Sat 8/11 and get $5 off any product or accessory purchase!

Join us for two fun August events at Trixie’s…Thursday, August 16th @ 7pm Click here to RSVP or Call 503.285.2899Complimentary Wardrobing Class By Kate Loggan, author of Walking ClosetLearn how to accessorize, transition your summer clothes into fall, make smarter purchases and what to wear for those pesky weddings, interviews & new jobs. Have a glass of wine & have some fun as we all learn to be our very best selves.  Feel free to bring that problem item in your closet for help & suggestions — you know, the one that you bought and still don’t know how to wear.Walking Closet is a pocket wardrobe planner with space for you to note what you have & what you need when shopping & planning.  You can get your own at Trixie’s Beauty Bar for $11.95.Wednesday, August 22nd @ 7pm Click here to RSVP or Call 503.285.2899

Finally…Trixie’s Book Club!

Come on over to hang out with new & old friends as we yack about Patty Jane’s House of Curl by Lorna Landvik.  We promise to choose only fun books (no Russian lit) & not to take ourselves too seriously. Read the book or not — just come anyway, we’d love to see you!

Patty Jane’s House of Curl by Lorna Landvik is available locally at St. Johns Book Sellers, 8622 N. Lombard.

Team Trixie’s Update

In other news, our very own Lisa Kimball has decided to hang up her shears & become a post-partum Doula.  We know she’ll be as talented at her new profession as she is at this one!  Having a baby?  Now you know who to call!  If you haven’t met Tyler yet, feel free to stop by for a consult & a get-to-know-you session.  For questions or concerns call Tracy @ 503.285.2899.

Random Pop Culture Reference

Guess what?!  The eighties are calling and they want their rock star back.  Yes, it’s true… David Lee Roth has rejoined Van Halen, along with Eddie Van Halen’s son, Wolfgang — you heard it here first!  (I’m so behind, I thought they were still fighting.) First the clothes — what’s next?  The hair?  No claw bangs or mullets allowed at Trixie’s — no matter how much you beg.  Don’t know what we’re talking about?  Consider yourself lucky!

Having fun with a friend has never been so easy!

Don’t forget our cute referral postcard offer — refer a friend to Tyler for hair or Jodi, Amber or Marnie for nails in August or September & be entered to win a spa pedicure for two!