Thank-YouAfter 6 glorious years of being your neighborhood salon, it is with grateful hearts that we are announcing our closure on December 30, 2012.

I can’t tell you how much we’ve enjoyed getting to know all of you and participating in your lives. We’ve watched babies grow, helped the lovelorn, celebrated marriages, divorces, new careers and new degrees and somehow, we were the ones richer for it.

As you may have heard me say, this is the longest that I’ve ever been in the same position and so, it is time for the next chapter of my life to begin. Ms. Jen is getting ready to start school and take on a new career in Funeral Services and would love for you to carry a little bit of Trixie’s with you by getting your hair services done by Tracy Faraca, who will be joining the team at Chameleon Hair Salon on Lombard. Tyler will still be doing the amazing work she does at Pigment Salon in downtown Portland.

I have been privileged to work with some of the coolest and most lovely people here at Trixie’s — they have made every day a pleasure. Special thanks to Jodi Durnal, Jen Partenheimer, Tyler Dowd, Tracy Faraca, Veronica Gardea, Juliana Medina, Amber Wier and Lisa Kimball. Please let us know if you need anything, we’re happy to help and will miss you soooooo much.

OK, now that I’ve cried on my keyboard, it’s time for the good stuff:  We will be in all of December and are booking as many appointments as we possibly can.  We would love to see you all one last time for a service, but if we can’t make that happen, then of course, we should PARTY!

Join us on Sunday December 30th from 11-2 for champagne, snacks, door prizes and general schmoozing. If this isn’t an excuse for some cocktails, then I don’t know what is!  Please drop in and celebrate with us.
Cheers, Tracy


Of course we love it when one of our clients gets engaged and becomes a bride — we couldn’t be happier for them and we are thrilled to help them get ready for their big day.  That being said, however, what we don’t love is the bridal party that descends on the salon for a day and then vanishes, never to be seen again.  Sooo, we’ve decided to take a bold stand and state that, at Trixie’s,

“We Do Breakups. Not Brides.”

After all, since about half of all marriages end in divorce and most of us out there dating face multiple breakups, we want to stick to what we’re really good at — trash talk, commiseration, tissues, talk therapy AND helping you get your “pretty” back.  However it happens, breakups are not easy, and we want to help you feel better during each stage of your healing — providing comfort and a shoulder to cry on, encouragement and hand-holding as you get back out there (or even begin to think about it – scary!).  Sometimes you have to fake it ’til you make it, or make the outside a little better so you can remember how you felt when times were happier, or try something new, just because you can.

So, here are our suggestions for solace — beautiful breakup packages to help you get back to yourself. (And, the songs that go with them.  Call us if you need us, we’re standing by.  With wine.)

I Fall to Pieces Package – $89 (Regularly $116)

Oh, honey.  We know just how you feel.  Come on in.

Pressed For Time 30 Minute Facial

Perfect Pedicure

Women’s Haircut

Plus, free glitter tattoo!


I Will Survive Package – $140 (Regularly $176)

See the light at the end of the tunnel.  You’re gonna be fine, we promise.

Highlights and Haircut

Brow wax

Shellac Manicure

Plus, free glitter tattoo!


These Boots are Made for Walking Package – $179 (Regularly $224)

Go ahead… Make a statement and get on out there!  You’re ready, you can do it.

Brazilian Wax

Brow wax

Shampoo & Blowout

Shellac Manicure

Perfect Pedicure

Special Occasion Makeup Application

Plus, free glitter tattoo!

Well, maybe you’re not the broadway musical junkie that I was as a child, but you might recognize that tune from “The King & I,” one of my faves.  But, in any case, with a whole passel of new hair stylists here at Trixie’s we’re experiencing a lot of first time meetings and “getting to know you” moments (but, without the song and dance, unfortunately).

It takes time for a client and stylist to get to know each other and Veronica and Heather are all VERY open to listening to your hairstyling wants and needs.  It’s all part of the Trixie’s ethos of spreading beauty and relaxation to our community.

It can be nerve-wracking to try a new stylist, and we’ve tried to ease the pain by offering $20 off your first haircut with a new stylist until October 29th, but still, PLEASE speak up if you want your hair a smidge shorter, or evened up or whatever little tweaks will help you to be thrilled with your new ‘do.  You’re our best advertisement, so we want you to be happy and we want to know how you feel about your new style — the good, the bad and the hopefully not ugly.

Give us a call, send an email or just stop by if you need something a bit different (or, of course, to tell us how much you adore your hair) .  You and your stylist will soon be speaking each other’s language and working together like old friends.

1.  Does it hurt?

The first time it hurts more than any other time.  Why?  Because if you wax regularly you are removing less hair each time.  Coming in regularly every 3-4 weeks will help diminish the discomfort and reduce breakouts over time.

2. Will the hair grow back thicker, longer or stronger?

Don’t guys wish! When hair is shaved it is cut off at the thick part of the hair, which is why you can feel stubble the nextday.  A properly waxed hair is removed from the root and when the hair starts to grow back it is a new hair – very fine at the tip – so no stubble.

3. How long does the hair have to be?

You should grow your hair for a minimum of 3 weeks, regardless of the body part.  If the hair is not long enough, you will not be as happy with your waxing service.  Generally, legs will not be completely smooth between waxings until we have done them for about 3 waxing appointments, due to the different stages of hair growth.

4. What about tweezing?

We don’t tweeze at our salon.  This may take some getting used to on your part, but the reason for this is that it will make your waxing service longer lasting.  Perfect waxing means wax is applied, removed and all the hair comes off.  Now you have a smooth stubble free area that remains hairless in-between appointments.  This only occurs if the hair is long enough to be pulled out by the root.  Tweezing interrupts this from happening.  So, we ask that you be patient for about 1 month, don’t tweeze, shave or use a depilatory cream, come in every 3-4 weeks like clockwork and you will love your waxing even more than you do now!

5. What do I do for my skin after waxing?

We recommend Bikini Kitty waxy Kitten Care Kit.  Use the dry brush before you shower and Everyday Magic Spray after.  Beginning the day after your waxing service, you may begin using your exfoliating scrub on the face, or Bikini Kitty set, loofah, sugar scrub or scrubby gloves on your body.  No sun, hot baths, abrasives or deodorant for 12 hours after service.

6. What is a Brazilian wax, anyway?

We consider a Brazilian wax to include your inner & outer Labia, as well as your backside.  If you have hair on your buns or tummy, we’ll wax that for you as well. We’ll customize your wax to suit your needs — want a small triangle or landing strip?  No prob! Totally bald?  We can do that, too.  It’s your body, you should have it the way you like it.  For the first part of your wax, you will lie face up on our cozy table, and then in order to do the back side, we may ask you to pull your knees and feet up in the Happy Baby yoga pose or we may ask you to turn over onto all fours with your butt in the air — think of it as a modified Downward Dog.  It’s sometimes the most effective way for us to reach all your nooks and crannies.

7.  Why don’t you use strips with that orange wax?

We use hard wax from a French company called Cirepil for faces, underarms and bikini area waxing.  We love this wax because it hurts waaaaay less than many others we’ve tried and despite what you might think, we don’t really want to hurt you, honest!  In fact, it kinda stresses us out.  Because this wax is spread on in a fairly thick layer and then must harden before we can pull it, you will not be in and out of the wax room in ten minutes like at some other salons, but we believe that less pain is well worth a little more time and our clients tend to agree.  Plus, we like to chat with you anyways and hear all about you and your fab lives.

Stop me if you’ve heard this one.

This stuff only happens to me (or maybe on “reality” tv).  Sooooo, I was all excited to go on a breakfast date with a dude that I met online who was attentive and actually followed through (um, amazing!).  We’d met briefly for coffee and chatted several times.

When I arrived at the restaurant, it wasn’t open yet (thank goodness, because the only thing worse than what happened would have been having it happen in a crowded restaurant).  As I walked toward the dude (names have been changed to protect the guilty), a perfectly nice woman wandered over to where I stood.  I said to the dude, ”Hi! What a bummer the restaurant is closed.”  To which the woman replied, “Yes, it is a bummer that he just left my bed to come have breakfast with you.” [Insert my shocked look and open mouth here]. And then she turned to him and said calmly, “It’s over, dude.  Good luck with that.” And then she turned and hustled away with him hot on her heels.

And there I was, standing on the sidewalk, mouth open, wondering whether to laugh or cry.  So, I did both while calling my BFF and driving home as fast as I could.  Want to hear the best part of the story?  Make an appointment with me to hear which lyin’, cheatin’, formerly high-ranking city official this dude is related to…  Hilarious and horrible all at the same time.  Ah, dating…

Friends –help me out here — do you have any nice, single friends I should meet?  Hook a sister up!  You know where to find me.  🙂

Another fabulous artist has taken the time to grace our windows with his art for the past eight weeks. We have received so much positive feedback for his efforts and we are forever grateful to him.

Thomas Koestler is native to Pennsylvania and decided to leave the snow behind for our beautiful Portland rain. He specializes in product design, retail displays, and graphic design. That is a load of talent!  I have seen his work and he is just that, talented and exceptionally creative. I was blown away looking at his website. When he decided to do a display for our little neighborhood salon, I thought, aren’t we some lucky gals. Tracy commented “He makes me want to go to design school!” I must say I feel the same
Make sure to check out Thomas Koestler’s website site (because it’s amazing!)
If you haven’t seen the window yet make sure to pass by and take a gander he will only be with us for one more week!

I would like to thank the Portland art community for supporting us here at Trixie’s.

Juliana E. Medina

Hey there kids, Juliana here with some really exciting news! I have come up with a plan to show case local artists by having them create unique designs for Trixie’s front window. I am totally excited about this new addition to our already creative space. Being an artist myself, I am proud to support fellow artists in their growth. I also hope to contribute more local flair to North Portland. Enough about me already! Thank you Tracy for helping me put this plan into action.

Welcome Riann Kaye

The beautiful Rainn

Riann is a multitude of talent.  This native Californian has a knack for all things creative. Riann is a positively radiant individual. You got to love a girl that can paint a kick ass mural, and then kick your ass at basketball.  That’s right folks among her many talents she shot hoops  for Seattle Pacific University while studying Art.

Portraits, murals, and window displays oh my!  Read more about Riann and check out her beautiful art work on her website

Thank you Riann Kaye for your innovation and inspiration.

Juliana E. Medina

Disconnected hair cuts are very dramatic because sections of the hair don’t line up with the original guide line. I have a little song for this one.  “ Any way you want it that’s the way you need it, any way you want it.” Disconnected cuts are fun, hot and creative. If you need a change you’re going to get it.  This one will get you laid.  Did I mention these are my favorite types of cuts?

David's disconnection is right on.

David Beckham…..  thank you for always showing the boys whats up because your hair always rocks and we know you have no problems with the lady’s.

Rihanna's hair is always a good reference.

Asymmetrical cuts are usually longer on one side. These cuts can be sleek or heavily texturized.  If you want something a little edgy and you don’t want your boss to freak out this is the way to go.

Bring a photo or ask the stylist if he or she has any photos of there favorite disconnected or asymmetrical hair cuts. I’ll bet we won’t let you down. What I love most about these cuts (besides the above mention) is that even if you don’t style these cuts all the time they still look stylish and you will get compliments! Yum.

Juliana E. Medina

Would you like some Bang with that  hair cut?  Well that depends…


(1) to have sex

(2) a loud noise

(3) to introduce a drug into your system intravenously

(4) The part of your hair that covers your forehead.

(5) to participate in gang affiliated activities

I love Ba.....I mean Fringe!

I really love the Europeans for saying Fringe: that goofy short bit of hair that comes down to your eyebrows. It sounds way hotter than bang. I tend to bang this one up myself. I promise to say Fringe if you help out.  So let’s try and do a bang up job and stick to it. Fringe is hot. Like Tracy says, it’s cheaper than Botox.

Long fringe, side fringe, “blunt”, asymmetrical, Betty Page, convex, concave, layered, the list goes on.  Yes, every face shape has a fringe made just for them. There is no such thing as ” I can’t wear fringe because ( insert lame excuse).” If you are not sure about cutting the hair in front of your face  then wait and research. Look at lots of photos. Fringe is awesome if you are sure that you want to rock it, because we all know we can. Cutting them just to grow them out again is never fun. If you want a change with out cutting those long locks consider  some fringe.

“That Fringe looks bang’n!(6)meaning that something is cool


Mall Bangs…. I’m only going to say this once. Drop the hair spray, remain calm, turn away from the mirror, run to the phone and call your nearest salon…or maybe at this point you better call 911.

Juliana E. Medina

Standard Scene

Look familiar kids? cica 1986

Scene vs. Bowie….vs  The Shag

Scene cuts (emo cuts), popular with the kids but it stems from a cut that is kind of like the bob in the way that it’s timeless. Did Bowie do it better? I would love to see these two do a walk off!

The Pop Star Shag

Ladies, gentlemen and, all in between, it’s the Shag. It’s been around longer than we may like to admit. It’s evolved and managed to stay alive. The rocker cut lives people. Let’s celebrate our inner diva.

Joan's Shag is magic! She never ages!

I would like to thank David Bowie, Joan Jett, Pat Benetar, Siouxse, My 14 year old sister, Japan, and Portland Oregon. Pictures are a must here. This cut can look beautiful if it’s communicated and executed properly. If not it’s a hipster mullet….. we will skip that photo.

Thank you everyone for reading the hair rants. I sure love writing them. Rock on.

Juliana E. Medina

Jenny wins the Bob contest. It's just a fact.

A- Line, Graduated Bob,  1920’s Flapper Cut, Victoria Beckham,  The Lob, Vidal Sassoon, Stacked Bob, Shorter in the Back, Reverse Mullet aka Kate Gosselin. Jenny thank you for showing us what a good Bob looks like.

Curly Bob = awesome.

Let’s just clarify now and forever no matter how we say it… it’s a Bob. It’s shorter in the back and longer in the front. This hair cut dates back as far as the second century ,way to survive. Even the Romans wore it for a while, hot. Safe word is just Bob and if a stylist doesn’t know what you are saying RUN AWAY! Why they give one of the worlds best hair cuts the name of someone’s chubby uncle I will never know.

The Bob of the 20's and 30's

The Bob is truly timeless and has so many variations.  No one has the same Bob. Great for curls, straight, fine, coarse hair, the list goes on. This is sexy at any age! Best tip I can give here is bring in a photo. You can be a little picky here, there is like a zillion different ways to do this amazing hair cut.

Juliana E. Medina

"Blunt" meaning hidden texture

Layers vs. Blunt

Layers: meaning not one length. Yes, you want them.  If you have fine hair and want volume get layers.  If you have dense hair and want to remove weight get layers.  That pretty much sums us all up. Layers can be done in so many different ways and tailored to you.  Blunt hair cuts are challenging for us both. I really like them in high fashion magazines and at hair shows. There is not much room for styling in a blunt cut. It can look blunt and be beautiful, that usually requires some layering. (Example: left)

All kinds of sexy Bluntness

Blunt cuts are limited to their shape because they don’t move. I once had a mentor tell me that no cut should  truly be blunt…. except for Cleopatra’s wig and Spock’s hair, from Star Trek.

It’s a lot of information so feel free to ask questions. Stylists don’t expect you to know everything about hair. That’s our job. If all else fails we all speak a common language and that is the visual language. (Pictures, pictures, pictures) Ps. changing your haircut is good for you! Live long and prosper.

Juliana E. Medina

Modern Textured Layers

Modern Textured Layers

Communicating properly with clients is very important to me as a stylist and artist. There are times when it seems that technical terms often sound foreign to people outside of my industry and vice-versa. There are terms I hear regularly that I am often unfamiliar with or heard once or twice in beauty school. I believe that it is our duty to educate and update our clients with everything we do as stylists. Beauty schools, magazines, salons and beauty suppliers we are all obligated to keep you up to date. Share the wealth!

Once upon a flip

Feathering vs. Texturizing: When I hear the term “Feathering” I often think of the prime example Farrah Fawcett’s wings. Or, a haircut that is bulky except for one section  choppy and flipped ,usually at the ends. A similar technique we use today is Texturizing . Creating texture in the hair is done in many ways on various types of cuts to create more movement and separation. It’s also used in hair cuts and break up hard or weighty lines. So unless you want look like Ferrah ,baby ask for texture. Ps. we love you Ferrah and that historical cut R.I.P.

More on Hair Speak Tomorrow!

Juliana E. Medina

In happier days...

How disappointed we are in you!  Not that we’re surprised — all kinds of famous, powerful and rich folk fall prey to the temptations of club owners, porn stars, waitresses and other fetching babes of both sexes.  But what we’re really surprised by is your Swedish supermodel wife’s reaction.

No, we don’t know the real story — but we all have visions that evoke the great Sandra Oh scene in the movie Sideways.  Remember?  She finds out that her new beau is actually marrying someone else and so she beats the crap out of him with her motorcycle helmet?

Domestic violence is never acceptable, of course, but I think these rare moments of public female rage tap into a larger, mostly repressed undercurrent among women.  It’s kind of like what we imagine might have happened in the Clinton, Edwards, or Sanford homes when those allegations surfaced.

So, we’re left with mixed emotions – we love watching the powerful and seemingly perfect screw up, but we’re also disappointed and then simultaneously grateful for the men & women we know who are loving and loyal spouses.  Like Tonya Harding or OJ Simpson, Tiger (or “Cheetah” as some have been calling him) has managed to turn his own poor choices into a national conversation despite his best efforts.  Go, Elin, go.  We hope you find a way to refashion your life into a better one with or without your hubby.

**Snark Alert**

Just received an email today from EHarmony (which I do not participate in, because they are both straight AND narrow — only allowing members who are men looking for women or women looking for men) with the following headline, “What’s the Best Way to be More Interesting?”

Whaaat?  Tell me they don’t get that question from their members, please…  Here’s the earth-shattering advice they have to offer:

“It’s true: You will boost your odds of finding a fantastic partner if you become convinced deep down that you have a lot to offer. You bring many assets and attributes to a potential relationship, and you’ll radiate that fact when you regularly remind yourself of your best qualities. To move forward with confidence, believe the best about yourself and your future.”

Really?  Is this news to anyone in the dating pool?  Actually, is this news to anyone who’s ever watched Oprah?? (Or Dr. Phil, or even America’s Next Top Model?)  WTH?  Not much of a value add to their members or prospective members, if you ask me.

But seriously, if EHarmony wanted to be really helpful, they could send some articles about how to use social media while dating.

Don't be a wallflower! Get out there and have some fun.

You know, like how to get the people that email incessantly to actually get off the dime and ask someone out; or how it’s not a real relationship if it only happens over text and IM.

Despite the immediacy and ubiquity of these methods of communication — there is no substitute for an actual phone conversation or even better, a face to face meeting.

I know it seems cool to have a text or sext pal, but really, let’s just be brave and get out there in person!

So, if you’re single, do something brave today — ask someone out for an honest to goodness date.  Most likely they’ll say yes, and even if it goes badly, you’ll have an awesome story to tell at your next cocktail party.

fall leavesWant some gorgeous, rich tonal color in your hair for Fall? Have we got a deal for you! When you’re in to see Juliana for a haircut, just add a partial lowlight service for $45, now through November 30th.

Take a break from the bleach and give yourself beautiful red, chestnut, copper or cappucino accents for dimension and depth. Lowlights add shine and can provide contrast that makes blondes look even blonder. You know you’ve been wanting to do something with your color — now’s your chance!

(Lowlights special is good through 11/30/09, must be booked with a haircut and is not valid in conjunction with any other specials)

As you all know, I’ve been dabbling a bit in the world of online dating.  It’s been fun (and sometimes creepy), but mostly fun (thank goodness!) .  One of the sites has a great sense of humor about the whole thing, because really, it’s all just for fun at the early stages, right?  I mean, does a fondness for Harley rides or HP Lovecraft indicate any kind of relationship ability anyway?  Who knows?

In any case, OKCupid recently sent me this geographic breakdown of where I would be most likely to find my matches, based on the answers to profile questions.  Pretty interesting…  Guess I know where I should go on those exotic vacations, right?

A Map of Love: your best male matches by state
target: USA | sampled: 39200
Your Worst States
Wyoming — 64.7
North Dakota — 65.6
Arkansas — 65.7
South Dakota — 66.1
Mississippi — 66.2
Your Best States
Massachusetts — 73.7
New York — 72.8
California — 72.7
Maryland — 72.6
Oregon — 72.4
A Map of Love: your best male matches by country
target: World | sampled: 25207
Your Worst Countries
Pakistan — 48.8
Saudi Arabia — 53.4
Egypt — 54.2
Indonesia — 54.7
Malaysia — 56.5
Your Best Countries
Israel — 74.5
South Korea — 73.7
Switzerland — 73.5
Iceland — 73.3
France — 73.1

Party TylerThings are always changing here at the salon, and our latest change is the departure of Ms. Tyler to a bigger salon in downtown Portland.

After crying for an entire day, Juliana and I have managed to recover from the news and have come up with a plan.  Wanna give her a try?

Get your first service with Juliana for 50% off (just remind us when you call to make your appointment).

We’ll miss Tyler terribly, but rumor has it she’ll be making a special appearance at my Second Annual Halloween/Birthday party on Saturday, October 31st.

In the meantime, if you have any questions for Tyler or want to know more about Juliana, please give us a jingle at 503.285.2899 or shoot me an email.

The August issue of Marie Claire has our very own City of Roses listed as #10 of the “nation’s ultimate meet markets.”  What do you think?  I tend be one of the “lid for every pot” kind of optimists, but this claim does make me wonder… Since I don’t have enough recent dating experiences to judge, I await your thoughts (and suggestions, fix ups and dates).  As client Melissa M says about men here, “In Portland, the odds are good, but the goods are odd.”

FIG_13_1_The_Singles_MapHere’s what Marie Claire has to say about Portland’s single guys:

“Defining Traits: Altruism, Ripstop clothing, whiteness 

 Career Ambition: Wind-power entrepreneur, sneaker designer

Ideal Woman: Vegan Ivory girl who’s lived in a yurt

First Date: A pint of Rogue and a Bogart flick at the Laurelhurst

Fifth Date: Bike Tour of the local wineries (just sober up before you, er, mount up.)” 

So, do tell.  Of course one of Marie Claire’s own bloggers, Maura, talked to a demographic expert who has this to say, “Gay men seem to be clustering in San Francisco, the District of Columbia, and Portland, Oregon. For lesbian women, Ashville, North Carolina is a hot spot.”   Let’s all help each other out here — share your stories of the crazy ones and the good ones so we can all get a little perspective, shall we?  Go out  on a date will ya?  Even with your significant other, it’ll do us all good.

What’s New at Trixie’s Beauty Bar?
Trixie’s Whine with Wine, Reading-Optional, Book Club & Social Hour

 Bad Girls Go Everywhere

Tuesday, July 28 @ 7pm   (Right here in the salon)

Join us for socializing, cookie eating and wine drinking. Oh yeah, maybe we’ll talk about the book, too.

This month’s book? Bad Girls Go Everywhere by Jennifer Scanlon, a stellar biography of Helen Gurley Brown, the original Cosmo Girl & author of Sex and the Single Girl in 1962 (the foremother of Sex and the City). Like Mad Men? Read this book to get the real story of the times… See you there.

Juliana2It feels like she’s been here forever already, but if you haven’t met Juliana, you’re in for a treat.   Juliana is the latest addition to Team Trixie’s — a high energy hair stylist who recently located from Berkeley right here to NoPo.

Juliana has been doing hair in California for about 5 years (most recently at a cool salon called Blow) — she loves to do funky color, beautiful cuts and is on her way to adding waxing to her repertoire.

You can catch her at Trixie’s on Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays and now Sundays (yes!) from 11-3.  The rest of the week she’s out exploring Portland with her partner, Alex, from her home base on Alberta Street.  We already love her (and her work) and we’re sure you will too!

Juliana’s haircuts are $40, her color services start at $50, and other chemical services such as perms and relaxers start at $65.  Call for your appointment or consultation today.

Juliana’s Freaky Friday Special for NEW hair clients — $45 for a cut , single process color and power boost treatment ($125 value, offer good until 6/30). Haven’t ever had your hair done at Trixie’s?  Now’s your chance to experience our Pearl District style services at an unbelievable  price.

Feeling a bit drab these days?  Desperate for spring?  Us too.  The snow was fun and all, but honestly, enough already!

Shady Lady

Enter stage right:  Cute new makeup from the groovy gals at The Balm…

Try minty lipglosses that actually Plump Your Pucker, $14, in  yummy flavors like water my melon or root beer my float.  They’re kinda like Bonne Bell Lipsmackers all grown up — remember those?

Check out Shady Lady long-wearing eyeshadows/liners, $16, in 7 new shades, and their tiny brushes for just $5.

We also love the cool Read My Lips lipliners from The Balm, only $10.  They come in the 3 most essential shades for any lipcolor — a soft nude, a reddish brown & a lovely rose– easy, huh?

Check out that liner!

Check out that liner!

Okay — so you’ve got the cute makeup, now what?

Need help?  Don’t know which brush to use?  Still wearing the same eye colors you wore in 10th grade (Pat Benatar electric blue, baby!) ?

Trixie’s to the rescue!  We cut our teeth behind cosmetic counters at the mall and we still LOVE to share makeup secrets with our clients.

Want a private lesson with your own stuff?  Just call and we’ll schedule you in for one of Portland’s best kept secrets — the $25 Makeup Bag Overhaul & Lesson.

We’ll go through your bag, answer your every question and give you our honest recommendations so you can be the most polished version of yourself.

OR, have some group fun and come to one (or all) of our new makeup class series.  Reserve your spot for just $10, and we’ll give you a $10 discount on any retail purchases that evening!

We’ll focus on a different topic each month:

Thursday, March 12th  7-8 pm

“For Your Eyes Only” — our hands -on class all about eye shadows, liners, concealers and mascara.  Call or email Tracy for more info.   503.285.2899 or

Ever heard of the Leading lipstick indicator?  It’s a term coined by Leonard Lauder (heir to the Estee Lauder fortune) that describes this phenomenon: when the economy is suffering, lipstick (and cosmetic sales in general) go up.

Oooooh!  New lipsticks from The Balm.

Oooooh! New lipsticks from The Balm.

During the 1940’s, cosmetic sales increased 25%, driven in large part by the iconic red lipsticks of the era.  According to the NY TImes, Lauder coined the term after noticing an upsurge in sales right after 9/11.

It’s easy to understand — we deny ourselves big expenditures (new wardrobes, vacations, designer shoes) and substitute small treats (like a $17 lipstick) instead.  Nothing makes you feel fresher that a lovely new lipstick (and one of Tyler’s great haircuts).

So, come check out our cool new makeup line from The Balm — the lipsticks are minty, lasting and come in 6 cool shades.  According to the Times, neutrals are in — so check out sparkly “smut”, nude “classified” or coppery “letter to the editor.”  We also have adorable sheer shadows ($14) and the cutest little gift sets ever (just $21).  Great for stocking stuffers! You know you want ’em, let me know and we’ll show you how to use the cool stuff at your next appointment.   See you there.

Clay Aiken and son on People Mag

Guess What?  No, not chicken butt.  Clay Aiken is gay!!!!!!

I’ll bet you’re shocked, huh?  And, he had a child out of wedlock using a surrogate mother, OMG!  Maybe this is shocking if you’re a cute granny from Iowa, but the rest of us just don’t consider this announcement actual news.  Anyone who saw him on Idol or on Broadway is not even the tiniest bit surprised.  We’re just happy for him.
Sarah & the Saks Scandal
In electoral news, the RNC just announced that they spent $150,000 on clothes for Sarah Palin‘s campaigning.  Is this where I make a joke about lipstick and pigs?  Not going there, really, truly.
Wherever you stand politically, please don’t forget to vote, your country needs you.  See you soon!

So, there’s been a lot of discussion around the salon lately (no, not everyone is talking about Sarah Palin, just mostly everyone) but, when we’re not doing that, we’ve been discussing the idea of making the book club into a reading-optional “social club.”  Whaddya think, gang?  We’ve always been pretty loosey-goosey about the whole book part of book club, but I certainly don’t want people to stay away because they haven’t read the book…

With that in mind, our next social hour will be Tuesday, September 30th at 7pm here at the salon.  I’ll bring cupcakes & champagne because it will also be the first celebration of my 40th birthday!  (October 1st)  Tyler is right behind me in November, so we’ll be accepting your love & birthday wishes for about 6 weeks altogether!  (We’re just a little excited, can you tell?)

If you want a book suggestion for this month, we’re checking out James Patterson’s Sundays at Tiffany’s.  See you in the salon!

Hair Stylists Needed

Make a Smart Move…

Join the Team at Trixie’s Beauty Bar!


NoPo’s coolest, full-service salon is seeking business-minded Hair Stylists to work, learn & play with us. Out of school for a while? Looking to build your clientele? Love North Portland? Us too! Check us out online and then email your resume to: We currently have two positions open because we are expanding our hours – come grow your business with us.

PT Hair Stylist position 1-3 days per week. Perfect for Moms, just out of school, career changers, etc. We are willing to work with your schedule. Commission or lease.

PT – FT Hair Stylist position is 3-4 days/week. Come with a few clients and add more at our rapidly growing salon. We need a fashion-forward, customer-centric stylist to help us out. Reasonable lease or commission, based on experience, needs, etc.

Our stylists are:

  • professional
  • client-centric
  • honest & reliable
  • goal oriented & business-minded
  • fashion forward
  • creative & artistic
  • personable
  • self-starters
  • available eves & weekends
  • team player
  • able to sell themselves, our services & retail




Welcome to Trixie’s Beauty Bar!

Call today for your appointment! 503-285-2899 Trixie's Beauty Bar is a full service luxury salon for women & men in the heart of North Portland. We believe in spreading beauty, relaxation and happiness to our clients and our community.

Our Services:

Hair Cuts & Color
Full Body Waxing
Pedicures, Manicures & Shellac

We Heart Students!

Ask us about current specials for UP & PCC Cascade students -- we're always working on something! Everyday: $10 brow waxes for UP & PCC Cascade students - just show us your student ID at checkout.

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The Children's Relief Nursery whose mission is to prevent abuse and neglect in children from birth through age four by partnering with caregivers committed to strengthening their families.

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