Standard Scene

Look familiar kids? cica 1986

Scene vs. Bowie….vs  The Shag

Scene cuts (emo cuts), popular with the kids but it stems from a cut that is kind of like the bob in the way that it’s timeless. Did Bowie do it better? I would love to see these two do a walk off!

The Pop Star Shag

Ladies, gentlemen and, all in between, it’s the Shag. It’s been around longer than we may like to admit. It’s evolved and managed to stay alive. The rocker cut lives people. Let’s celebrate our inner diva.

Joan's Shag is magic! She never ages!

I would like to thank David Bowie, Joan Jett, Pat Benetar, Siouxse, My 14 year old sister, Japan, and Portland Oregon. Pictures are a must here. This cut can look beautiful if it’s communicated and executed properly. If not it’s a hipster mullet….. we will skip that photo.

Thank you everyone for reading the hair rants. I sure love writing them. Rock on.

Juliana E. Medina