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Modern Textured Layers

Modern Textured Layers

Communicating properly with clients is very important to me as a stylist and artist. There are times when it seems that technical terms often sound foreign to people outside of my industry and vice-versa. There are terms I hear regularly that I am often unfamiliar with or heard once or twice in beauty school. I believe that it is our duty to educate and update our clients with everything we do as stylists. Beauty schools, magazines, salons and beauty suppliers we are all obligated to keep you up to date. Share the wealth!

Once upon a flip

Feathering vs. Texturizing: When I hear the term “Feathering” I often think of the prime example Farrah Fawcett’s wings. Or, a haircut that is bulky except for one section  choppy and flipped ,usually at the ends. A similar technique we use today is Texturizing . Creating texture in the hair is done in many ways on various types of cuts to create more movement and separation. It’s also used in hair cuts and break up hard or weighty lines. So unless you want look like Ferrah ,baby ask for texture. Ps. we love you Ferrah and that historical cut R.I.P.

More on Hair Speak Tomorrow!

Juliana E. Medina


So, my obsesssion with Mad Men , the series about advertising execs and their families in the early sixties, has begun anew!  If you were in the salon last summer, you’ll remember that Tyler and I were constantly talking about the clothes, the makeup, the stories and the hair (yes, the hair!) portrayed with spot-on accuracy in the show.  The first season is out on dvd, catch up and watch the new season along with us (on Sunday nights at 10pm) — it is smart tv from one of the writers of the Sopranos — unfortunately HBO passed on this series — who lost their job over that decision, I wonder!

Last season there were several shots of Betty Draper, the lead character’s wife, in pin curls, and shots of her neighboring wives in the infamous curlers and scarf get-up that some of us remember seeing in our childhoods. 
Here’s another of my faves from the show, Joan Holloway, office manager & femme fatale, power broker & cool chick.
All of which has made me wonder about handheld blowdryers and how hairstyling has evolved over the last 50 years — how did they get these looks without the cool stuff we have today — products and tools?  Tyler says they used pins, curlers and combs. 
We’ll be experimenting in the salon on the staff, so you never know what we’ll look like when you come in.  Check back soon for a brief history of blowdryers & hairstyling!

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