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1.  Does it hurt?

The first time it hurts more than any other time.  Why?  Because if you wax regularly you are removing less hair each time.  Coming in regularly every 3-4 weeks will help diminish the discomfort and reduce breakouts over time.

2. Will the hair grow back thicker, longer or stronger?

Don’t guys wish! When hair is shaved it is cut off at the thick part of the hair, which is why you can feel stubble the nextday.  A properly waxed hair is removed from the root and when the hair starts to grow back it is a new hair – very fine at the tip – so no stubble.

3. How long does the hair have to be?

You should grow your hair for a minimum of 3 weeks, regardless of the body part.  If the hair is not long enough, you will not be as happy with your waxing service.  Generally, legs will not be completely smooth between waxings until we have done them for about 3 waxing appointments, due to the different stages of hair growth.

4. What about tweezing?

We don’t tweeze at our salon.  This may take some getting used to on your part, but the reason for this is that it will make your waxing service longer lasting.  Perfect waxing means wax is applied, removed and all the hair comes off.  Now you have a smooth stubble free area that remains hairless in-between appointments.  This only occurs if the hair is long enough to be pulled out by the root.  Tweezing interrupts this from happening.  So, we ask that you be patient for about 1 month, don’t tweeze, shave or use a depilatory cream, come in every 3-4 weeks like clockwork and you will love your waxing even more than you do now!

5. What do I do for my skin after waxing?

We recommend Bikini Kitty waxy Kitten Care Kit.  Use the dry brush before you shower and Everyday Magic Spray after.  Beginning the day after your waxing service, you may begin using your exfoliating scrub on the face, or Bikini Kitty set, loofah, sugar scrub or scrubby gloves on your body.  No sun, hot baths, abrasives or deodorant for 12 hours after service.

6. What is a Brazilian wax, anyway?

We consider a Brazilian wax to include your inner & outer Labia, as well as your backside.  If you have hair on your buns or tummy, we’ll wax that for you as well. We’ll customize your wax to suit your needs — want a small triangle or landing strip?  No prob! Totally bald?  We can do that, too.  It’s your body, you should have it the way you like it.  For the first part of your wax, you will lie face up on our cozy table, and then in order to do the back side, we may ask you to pull your knees and feet up in the Happy Baby yoga pose or we may ask you to turn over onto all fours with your butt in the air — think of it as a modified Downward Dog.  It’s sometimes the most effective way for us to reach all your nooks and crannies.

7.  Why don’t you use strips with that orange wax?

We use hard wax from a French company called Cirepil for faces, underarms and bikini area waxing.  We love this wax because it hurts waaaaay less than many others we’ve tried and despite what you might think, we don’t really want to hurt you, honest!  In fact, it kinda stresses us out.  Because this wax is spread on in a fairly thick layer and then must harden before we can pull it, you will not be in and out of the wax room in ten minutes like at some other salons, but we believe that less pain is well worth a little more time and our clients tend to agree.  Plus, we like to chat with you anyways and hear all about you and your fab lives.


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