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fall leavesWant some gorgeous, rich tonal color in your hair for Fall? Have we got a deal for you! When you’re in to see Juliana for a haircut, just add a partial lowlight service for $45, now through November 30th.

Take a break from the bleach and give yourself beautiful red, chestnut, copper or cappucino accents for dimension and depth. Lowlights add shine and can provide contrast that makes blondes look even blonder. You know you’ve been wanting to do something with your color — now’s your chance!

(Lowlights special is good through 11/30/09, must be booked with a haircut and is not valid in conjunction with any other specials)


more makeup lessons

Yes, We’re actually back.  Sorry for the long absence — with holiday craziness & personal drama, we just haven’t had a free moment to actually write something remotely interesting.  (No guarantees, here).

However, we’ve had some really fun events in the boot-camp-updo.jpgsalon, so we do have something to show for our time.  We launched Beauty Boot Camp a few weeks ago, and were able to give fun & free makeup & hair lessons to a Jodi expertly applies new makeupbunch of current clients and some new friends. 

We taught everything from quick & easy updo’s and party hairstyles to the value of eyebrows.  (you all know how obsessed we are with brows — what are they?  That’s right, a frame for your face!) 

Some boot camp clients were even browbeaten into submission on wearing the right amount of makeup, avoiding at-home haircolor and using good shampoo.  All had a good time and thanks to our Fab educators from Loreal Professionel & Maly’s we were able to hand out lots of free swag. What more could you ask for?  Champagne, you say?  We had that , too!

Due to a high demand, we will be having Beauty Boot Camp again, probably in February.  We’ll see you there — and remember, no sweaty exercise or mean yelling is involved — just some kind but firm beauty interventions.  It’s for your own good, you know.

loreal-blonde.jpgloreal-blonde.jpgloreal-blonde.jpgloreal-blonde.jpgloreal-blonde.jpgAs many of you know, there is only one hair expert here at Trixie’s right now, and so that leaves the rest of us in the same boat as any client.  We know what we like & don’t like, we know what we want our hair to look like, but we have absolutely no idea how our fab stylist, Tyler, gets it that way.

Hair color to me has always been another language entirely — when I hear stylists talking about levels & undertones — my eyes glaze over while I continue to nod as if I know exactly what they’re saying. 

I know enough not to do my own — after my experiences with Sun-In in high school, I sun-in.pnglearned quickly that brassy is not the coveted Malibu Barbie blonde I was seeking.  Later, I experimented with a box of blonde drugstore color (only once) and again got a not-so-lovely pale tangerine shade.  Enough was enough for me.  I know, I know many of you do your own color quite successfully at home, I’ve seen the results — and I applaud you.  Apparently you are more skilled or more lucky than I am.

This week, our lovely Loreal Professionel educator came out to help us learn about our new color line and I suddenly had a light bulb moment.  I admit, I’m a little slow, but did you know there’s a difference between hair color lines — even the professional ones?  Some are like paint-by-number projects — they tell the stylist exactly which color to put where and there is no variation.  Others allow the stylist to be more of an artist — she can blend colors like oil paint  and place them where she wants them to get the exact effect that the client wants.

Of course, there are other chemical differences, too, but once again my eyes glazed over as I sat in the chair.  Fortunately for me, Tyler not only paid attention, but was able to apply her new technical knowledge directly to my head, leaving me with a beautiful red coif.

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