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**Snark Alert**

Just received an email today from EHarmony (which I do not participate in, because they are both straight AND narrow — only allowing members who are men looking for women or women looking for men) with the following headline, “What’s the Best Way to be More Interesting?”

Whaaat?  Tell me they don’t get that question from their members, please…  Here’s the earth-shattering advice they have to offer:

“It’s true: You will boost your odds of finding a fantastic partner if you become convinced deep down that you have a lot to offer. You bring many assets and attributes to a potential relationship, and you’ll radiate that fact when you regularly remind yourself of your best qualities. To move forward with confidence, believe the best about yourself and your future.”

Really?  Is this news to anyone in the dating pool?  Actually, is this news to anyone who’s ever watched Oprah?? (Or Dr. Phil, or even America’s Next Top Model?)  WTH?  Not much of a value add to their members or prospective members, if you ask me.

But seriously, if EHarmony wanted to be really helpful, they could send some articles about how to use social media while dating.

Don't be a wallflower! Get out there and have some fun.

You know, like how to get the people that email incessantly to actually get off the dime and ask someone out; or how it’s not a real relationship if it only happens over text and IM.

Despite the immediacy and ubiquity of these methods of communication — there is no substitute for an actual phone conversation or even better, a face to face meeting.

I know it seems cool to have a text or sext pal, but really, let’s just be brave and get out there in person!

So, if you’re single, do something brave today — ask someone out for an honest to goodness date.  Most likely they’ll say yes, and even if it goes badly, you’ll have an awesome story to tell at your next cocktail party.


Why is it that we have such a hard time letting go?  Lately, we’ve caught a glimpse of makeup bagsome of our friends’ makeup bags and closets & we began to wonder why we hold on so tightly to certain items & styles.  You know, like that friend you have who still has the same dated hairstyle from 1984?  Claw bangs, spiral perms and bi-levels (aka Mullet Family big“the mullet”) must somehow make her feel safe, sexy or more in control of her world. 

 Ask yourself, “Why am I holding on to that lipstick, look or even relationship?”  It takes courage to make changes, even small ones like throwing out that 7 year-old blush stick or 12 year-old lipstick.   Honestly, though, even if your stuff hasn’t actually gone bad, you probably need to update the color or try out some of the new technology  out there in the world of beauty. 

Another phenomenom we see in the salon is the folks who struggled with oily skin in their teens or twenties but now that they are a little (or even a lot) oldtrixies-blog-pics-020.jpger may have completely different skin but can’t figure out why their products just don’t feel the same.  As we always say, your skin & hair change every few years, so your products & your style should as well.  The times they are a changin’ — why not use it to your advantage? 

Signature looks are great, but holding on to a look or a product because we “need” them to feel okay about ourselves is something else altogether.  Throw out that crusty mascara and go try something new — you’ll feel better, we promise! 

Next time… liquid eyeliner!  You know you want it… 

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