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Another fabulous artist has taken the time to grace our windows with his art for the past eight weeks. We have received so much positive feedback for his efforts and we are forever grateful to him.

Thomas Koestler is native to Pennsylvania and decided to leave the snow behind for our beautiful Portland rain. He specializes in product design, retail displays, and graphic design. That is a load of talent!  I have seen his work and he is just that, talented and exceptionally creative. I was blown away looking at his website. When he decided to do a display for our little neighborhood salon, I thought, aren’t we some lucky gals. Tracy commented “He makes me want to go to design school!” I must say I feel the same
Make sure to check out Thomas Koestler’s website site (because it’s amazing!)
If you haven’t seen the window yet make sure to pass by and take a gander he will only be with us for one more week!

I would like to thank the Portland art community for supporting us here at Trixie’s.

Juliana E. Medina


Hey there kids, Juliana here with some really exciting news! I have come up with a plan to show case local artists by having them create unique designs for Trixie’s front window. I am totally excited about this new addition to our already creative space. Being an artist myself, I am proud to support fellow artists in their growth. I also hope to contribute more local flair to North Portland. Enough about me already! Thank you Tracy for helping me put this plan into action.

Welcome Riann Kaye

The beautiful Rainn

Riann is a multitude of talent.  This native Californian has a knack for all things creative. Riann is a positively radiant individual. You got to love a girl that can paint a kick ass mural, and then kick your ass at basketball.  That’s right folks among her many talents she shot hoops  for Seattle Pacific University while studying Art.

Portraits, murals, and window displays oh my!  Read more about Riann and check out her beautiful art work on her website

Thank you Riann Kaye for your innovation and inspiration.

Juliana E. Medina

**Snark Alert**

Just received an email today from EHarmony (which I do not participate in, because they are both straight AND narrow — only allowing members who are men looking for women or women looking for men) with the following headline, “What’s the Best Way to be More Interesting?”

Whaaat?  Tell me they don’t get that question from their members, please…  Here’s the earth-shattering advice they have to offer:

“It’s true: You will boost your odds of finding a fantastic partner if you become convinced deep down that you have a lot to offer. You bring many assets and attributes to a potential relationship, and you’ll radiate that fact when you regularly remind yourself of your best qualities. To move forward with confidence, believe the best about yourself and your future.”

Really?  Is this news to anyone in the dating pool?  Actually, is this news to anyone who’s ever watched Oprah?? (Or Dr. Phil, or even America’s Next Top Model?)  WTH?  Not much of a value add to their members or prospective members, if you ask me.

But seriously, if EHarmony wanted to be really helpful, they could send some articles about how to use social media while dating.

Don't be a wallflower! Get out there and have some fun.

You know, like how to get the people that email incessantly to actually get off the dime and ask someone out; or how it’s not a real relationship if it only happens over text and IM.

Despite the immediacy and ubiquity of these methods of communication — there is no substitute for an actual phone conversation or even better, a face to face meeting.

I know it seems cool to have a text or sext pal, but really, let’s just be brave and get out there in person!

So, if you’re single, do something brave today — ask someone out for an honest to goodness date.  Most likely they’ll say yes, and even if it goes badly, you’ll have an awesome story to tell at your next cocktail party.

As you all know, I’ve been dabbling a bit in the world of online dating.  It’s been fun (and sometimes creepy), but mostly fun (thank goodness!) .  One of the sites has a great sense of humor about the whole thing, because really, it’s all just for fun at the early stages, right?  I mean, does a fondness for Harley rides or HP Lovecraft indicate any kind of relationship ability anyway?  Who knows?

In any case, OKCupid recently sent me this geographic breakdown of where I would be most likely to find my matches, based on the answers to profile questions.  Pretty interesting…  Guess I know where I should go on those exotic vacations, right?

A Map of Love: your best male matches by state
target: USA | sampled: 39200
Your Worst States
Wyoming — 64.7
North Dakota — 65.6
Arkansas — 65.7
South Dakota — 66.1
Mississippi — 66.2
Your Best States
Massachusetts — 73.7
New York — 72.8
California — 72.7
Maryland — 72.6
Oregon — 72.4
A Map of Love: your best male matches by country
target: World | sampled: 25207
Your Worst Countries
Pakistan — 48.8
Saudi Arabia — 53.4
Egypt — 54.2
Indonesia — 54.7
Malaysia — 56.5
Your Best Countries
Israel — 74.5
South Korea — 73.7
Switzerland — 73.5
Iceland — 73.3
France — 73.1

shape up 70’s styleJust like everyone else we know, we here at Trixie’s are working hard to improve our bodies along with our hair, nails & skin.  You know our philosophy — taking care of your outside reflects the work you do on the inside — and we see everyday how a great haircut or a new nail color can change  your whole outlook. 

With this in mind, we thought it might be fun to take a look through our collection of vintage beauty books over the next few weeks to see what pearls of wisdom they might offer.

Here in Family Circle’s classic How to Stay Pretty and Trim, they suggest a jumprope workout to “Jump into shape in 4 easy steps.”  If you desperately need to add this workout to your repertoire, stop by and we’ll copy the instructions for you. (Thanks to Leanne for the great book!)

In addition to jump roping for fitness, you might consider joining us for shamrock runthe 30th Annual Shamrock Run being held downtown on Sunday, March 16th at 8:00 am.  There are some motivated friends of Trixie’s who are all set to run, walk, crawl or gasp their way through the 8k, so we thought it might be fun to organize Team Trixie’s.  We promise to go out for beers as soon as everyone makes it across the finish line and I’ll work on some Trixie’s tshirts for us in the meantime.  If we go as a group, the entry fee is a little less and besides, we need all the motivation we can get!  Let us know if you’re interested, and we’ll get it together.  Comment here on the blog to give us your thoughts!

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