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Another fabulous artist has taken the time to grace our windows with his art for the past eight weeks. We have received so much positive feedback for his efforts and we are forever grateful to him.

Thomas Koestler is native to Pennsylvania and decided to leave the snow behind for our beautiful Portland rain. He specializes in product design, retail displays, and graphic design. That is a load of talent!  I have seen his work and he is just that, talented and exceptionally creative. I was blown away looking at his website. When he decided to do a display for our little neighborhood salon, I thought, aren’t we some lucky gals. Tracy commented “He makes me want to go to design school!” I must say I feel the same
Make sure to check out Thomas Koestler’s website site (because it’s amazing!)
If you haven’t seen the window yet make sure to pass by and take a gander he will only be with us for one more week!

I would like to thank the Portland art community for supporting us here at Trixie’s.

Juliana E. Medina


Hey there kids, Juliana here with some really exciting news! I have come up with a plan to show case local artists by having them create unique designs for Trixie’s front window. I am totally excited about this new addition to our already creative space. Being an artist myself, I am proud to support fellow artists in their growth. I also hope to contribute more local flair to North Portland. Enough about me already! Thank you Tracy for helping me put this plan into action.

Welcome Riann Kaye

The beautiful Rainn

Riann is a multitude of talent.  This native Californian has a knack for all things creative. Riann is a positively radiant individual. You got to love a girl that can paint a kick ass mural, and then kick your ass at basketball.  That’s right folks among her many talents she shot hoops  for Seattle Pacific University while studying Art.

Portraits, murals, and window displays oh my!  Read more about Riann and check out her beautiful art work on her website

Thank you Riann Kaye for your innovation and inspiration.

Juliana E. Medina

"Blunt" meaning hidden texture

Layers vs. Blunt

Layers: meaning not one length. Yes, you want them.  If you have fine hair and want volume get layers.  If you have dense hair and want to remove weight get layers.  That pretty much sums us all up. Layers can be done in so many different ways and tailored to you.  Blunt hair cuts are challenging for us both. I really like them in high fashion magazines and at hair shows. There is not much room for styling in a blunt cut. It can look blunt and be beautiful, that usually requires some layering. (Example: left)

All kinds of sexy Bluntness

Blunt cuts are limited to their shape because they don’t move. I once had a mentor tell me that no cut should  truly be blunt…. except for Cleopatra’s wig and Spock’s hair, from Star Trek.

It’s a lot of information so feel free to ask questions. Stylists don’t expect you to know everything about hair. That’s our job. If all else fails we all speak a common language and that is the visual language. (Pictures, pictures, pictures) Ps. changing your haircut is good for you! Live long and prosper.

Juliana E. Medina

Juliana2It feels like she’s been here forever already, but if you haven’t met Juliana, you’re in for a treat.   Juliana is the latest addition to Team Trixie’s — a high energy hair stylist who recently located from Berkeley right here to NoPo.

Juliana has been doing hair in California for about 5 years (most recently at a cool salon called Blow) — she loves to do funky color, beautiful cuts and is on her way to adding waxing to her repertoire.

You can catch her at Trixie’s on Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays and now Sundays (yes!) from 11-3.  The rest of the week she’s out exploring Portland with her partner, Alex, from her home base on Alberta Street.  We already love her (and her work) and we’re sure you will too!

Juliana’s haircuts are $40, her color services start at $50, and other chemical services such as perms and relaxers start at $65.  Call for your appointment or consultation today.

Juliana’s Freaky Friday Special for NEW hair clients — $45 for a cut , single process color and power boost treatment ($125 value, offer good until 6/30). Haven’t ever had your hair done at Trixie’s?  Now’s your chance to experience our Pearl District style services at an unbelievable  price.


Every day, we get hear about our clients’ cool projects and ideas to benefit the community.  There’s Andrea’s  Swap and Play, Shir’s mural idea, and more creative, exciting stuff happening around the ‘hood all the time.

Of course, these projects take time and money, which, conveniently, is now available from the North Portland Business Association.

Lester Viles, a civic-minded kind of a guy,  started the NPBA and left them a trust to help the community.  The grant has specific guidelines and the applications are due by March 31st, so get crackin’ and get out there and do some good!  We know you can do it!

Welcome to Trixie’s Beauty Bar!

Call today for your appointment! 503-285-2899 Trixie's Beauty Bar is a full service luxury salon for women & men in the heart of North Portland. We believe in spreading beauty, relaxation and happiness to our clients and our community.

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We Heart Students!

Ask us about current specials for UP & PCC Cascade students -- we're always working on something! Everyday: $10 brow waxes for UP & PCC Cascade students - just show us your student ID at checkout.

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