We care about your health & safety!

In our salon:

We follow the latest state guidelines & industry best practices in sanitation before, during, & after all of the services we perform.

We try to bring you the very best products available, with a special emphasis on high quality & natural skin, hair & nail care.

We work hard to educate ourselves and our clients on the very best ways to take care of their beauty needs & to solve or refer any skin, hair or nail challenges you may be facing.

  • We sanitize and disinfect all reusable manicuring tools in accordance with Oregon state regulations and industry best practices.
  • Any tools that can’t be disinfected are disposed of or given to the client after each use.  Feel free to bring in your own tools — we are happy to use them if you would prefer.
  • We clean our hands prior to each service and ask you to do the same.
  • We use clean towels for each client and disinfect all surfaces between each client.
  • We never use a blade to cut  any skin, including calluses.  Heavy callous needs to be taken down gently and sometimes over the course of a few services.
  • We use only quality, professional-grade, legal, and safe products.
  • Our salon uses non-electric pedicure basins and follows all cleaning protocols required by the state of Oregon and the product manufacturer.
  • We have safety procedures that are done after every client, and at the end of every day.
  • We take steps to minimize your exposure to odors, vapors, and filing dust in the salon.
  • We will evaluate the health of your nails before your service and refer you to a physician if indicated.  Please let us know if you have any health conditions — like diabetes — that may affect your service.
  • We will make recommendations for at-home maintenance of your nails, hair and skin.  We encourage you to understand your own role in keeping your nails, hair and skin healthy & beautiful.
  • We regularly take classes in techniques, health and safety, & product knowledge to enhance the quality and safety of your Trixie’s experience.