Well, maybe you’re not the broadway musical junkie that I was as a child, but you might recognize that tune from “The King & I,” one of my faves.  But, in any case, with a whole passel of new hair stylists here at Trixie’s we’re experiencing a lot of first time meetings and “getting to know you” moments (but, without the song and dance, unfortunately).

It takes time for a client and stylist to get to know each other and Veronica and Heather are all VERY open to listening to your hairstyling wants and needs.  It’s all part of the Trixie’s ethos of spreading beauty and relaxation to our community.

It can be nerve-wracking to try a new stylist, and we’ve tried to ease the pain by offering $20 off your first haircut with a new stylist until October 29th, but still, PLEASE speak up if you want your hair a smidge shorter, or evened up or whatever little tweaks will help you to be thrilled with your new ‘do.  You’re our best advertisement, so we want you to be happy and we want to know how you feel about your new style — the good, the bad and the hopefully not ugly.

Give us a call, send an email or just stop by if you need something a bit different (or, of course, to tell us how much you adore your hair) .  You and your stylist will soon be speaking each other’s language and working together like old friends.