The August issue of Marie Claire has our very own City of Roses listed as #10 of the “nation’s ultimate meet markets.”  What do you think?  I tend be one of the “lid for every pot” kind of optimists, but this claim does make me wonder… Since I don’t have enough recent dating experiences to judge, I await your thoughts (and suggestions, fix ups and dates).  As client Melissa M says about men here, “In Portland, the odds are good, but the goods are odd.”

FIG_13_1_The_Singles_MapHere’s what Marie Claire has to say about Portland’s single guys:

“Defining Traits: Altruism, Ripstop clothing, whiteness 

 Career Ambition: Wind-power entrepreneur, sneaker designer

Ideal Woman: Vegan Ivory girl who’s lived in a yurt

First Date: A pint of Rogue and a Bogart flick at the Laurelhurst

Fifth Date: Bike Tour of the local wineries (just sober up before you, er, mount up.)” 

So, do tell.  Of course one of Marie Claire’s own bloggers, Maura, talked to a demographic expert who has this to say, “Gay men seem to be clustering in San Francisco, the District of Columbia, and Portland, Oregon. For lesbian women, Ashville, North Carolina is a hot spot.”   Let’s all help each other out here — share your stories of the crazy ones and the good ones so we can all get a little perspective, shall we?  Go out  on a date will ya?  Even with your significant other, it’ll do us all good.