When’s your next hair appointment?  Don’t know?  Don’t have one? YIKES!

Our Miss Tyler

Our Miss Tyler

Tyler (fondly known around here as the Mistress of Style) is on fire right now — she has clients stalking her all the way from the suburbs after seeing our clients with her cute coifs walking down the street.

What does this mean to you?  Well, if you’re one of our lovelies who typically calls at the last minute for an evening or Saturday appointment, you may be out of luck for 3 weeks to a month, so our best recommendation is for you to pre-book your next appointment before you leave.

When she’s not teaching her skills to Miss Amber or transforming Portland one beautiful head  of hair at a time, Tyler has been doing some amazing hair painting or “balayage” on some VERY happy clients.  Ask her about it next time you’re in and consider yourself warned about that last minute appointment…