…is that an oxymoron?

balayage-picPerhaps you’ve been hearing us talking about the class that Tyler went to in San Francisco this fall? She was invited to attend the Loreal Professionel Academy Class on the French hair-painting technique called Balayage.
What’s that, you say?  So glad you asked! You’ve seen this technique more than you realize — most celebs and stars are big fans of these natural-looking highlights that grow out almost imperceptibly (unlike traditional highlights done with foils which require more frequent maintenance).  They are not just for blondes — take a look at Jodi’s cute reddish-gold, face-brightening balayage the next time you’re in.
Interested in finding out more?  Ask Tyler for a free consult.  She’s one of the few stylists in Portland doing this beautiful technique and we’re starting prices for it at just $100.  Keep in mind that it will require less frequent touch-ups, so you’ll love it.