Ever heard of the Leading lipstick indicator?  It’s a term coined by Leonard Lauder (heir to the Estee Lauder fortune) that describes this phenomenon: when the economy is suffering, lipstick (and cosmetic sales in general) go up.

Oooooh!  New lipsticks from The Balm.

Oooooh! New lipsticks from The Balm.

During the 1940’s, cosmetic sales increased 25%, driven in large part by the iconic red lipsticks of the era.  According to the NY TImes, Lauder coined the term after noticing an upsurge in sales right after 9/11.

It’s easy to understand — we deny ourselves big expenditures (new wardrobes, vacations, designer shoes) and substitute small treats (like a $17 lipstick) instead.  Nothing makes you feel fresher that a lovely new lipstick (and one of Tyler’s great haircuts).

So, come check out our cool new makeup line from The Balm — the lipsticks are minty, lasting and come in 6 cool shades.  According to the Times, neutrals are in — so check out sparkly “smut”, nude “classified” or coppery “letter to the editor.”  We also have adorable sheer shadows ($14) and the cutest little gift sets ever (just $21).  Great for stocking stuffers! You know you want ’em, let me know and we’ll show you how to use the cool stuff at your next appointment.   See you there.