It is all about the makeover….


You can’t turn on the television anymore without someone making over someone or something.  That cute Ty Pennington has embraced his ADHD and is bringing smiles to people who have endured some tragedy by demolishing their house and building them a new one, all in seven days.  Is there anything more beautiful then a man who can start and finish a home improvement project in a week? 




world\'s most beautiful eyebrowsStacy and Clinton are in our face telling us “What Not to Wear”, Damone Roberts is plucking our brows and making us look “Ten Years Younger”.  Suddenly being “The Biggest Loser” is a good thing. 



Here at Trixie’s, we think that all our friends are beautiful.  But we also understand that sometimes we could all use a beauty overhaul to rejuvenate our spirit.  As summer arrives we are all busy contemplating our bodies, our wardrobes, our hairdo’s and our toes. 





Sometimes we think about the same things every year at this time –lose weight, stop smoking, get organized.  Do you set rewards to help you reach your milestones?  Do you tell yourself that if you lose ten pounds you will get a pedicure or new hairstyle?  Why wait?  Kick off your summer with a new you.  Take on your new challenge feeling and looking your best.  Anyway, don’t we all deserve some reward just for surviving this year so far?



See you in the salon!  Jodi