Tonya and Nancy PosedOkay, so I was all set to write a snarky, dishy blog about my days hanging out with Tonya Harding after seeing Tonya & Nancy: The Rock Opera

Having known Tonya for a brief period of time post knee-breaking,  however, I feel as though I should write her a note expressing my admiration, instead.  I can’t imagine having to sit through a rock opera about my life in my twenties — no way would I be able to do it any kind of poise and grace at all.  So, Tonya, kudos to you for being such a good sport

The real story behind my brush with celebrity is this:  back in the post knee-breaking days, Tonya began dating a friend of a friend and so we were briefly acquainted.  During this time, the infamous Jeff Gillooly/Tonya honeymoon pics were published and my poor friend sat in her living room with Tonya and looked at them with her (yikes, not pleasant). 

TonyaShortly thereafter, my friends were married in Las Vegas on New Year’s Eve and Tonya’s beau and I were both asked to be in the wedding, so we flew to Vegas and spent the weekend with Tonya and the rest of the party. 

For a girl who had travelled all over the world skating, Tonya was surprisingly unworldly — she was amazed that there was actually a McDonald’s in Vegas and she was too shy to participate in the pre and post wedding partying.  Instead, she stayed in her room and watched Natural Born Killers, which featured a video montage that included footage of Tonya and Nancy et al.  Go figure. 

My favorite moment with her was when she showed my then two-year old son some bugs in my friends’ yard and told us that she had always wanted to be a forest ranger.  Oh well, perhaps in another life.  Or, she could hit community college and begin a new career after all.  Let me know if you need any help with that, Tonya, I’ve been there, done that. 

And yes, we did try to give her a makeover, but …

P.S.  I always thought Nancy was a goody two shoes, pain-in-the-ass.