pam & rickYes, our friend Erin is correct… According to E! news, Pamela Anderson did file for divorce from Paris’ ex Rick Salomon on 12/14.

But, rumor has it that she is reconsidering.  There is that reality show to consider, you know.  You can actually see her divorce petition and everything.  I guess all those public records are useful.  Do you think she keeps a family law firm on retainer?  She must.  Maybe she’ll share with those of us in the salon going through our own marital dissolutions.  Ah, the “Hellidays” (as Tyler calls them) are here.   Ho, Ho, Ho!

So, in terms of our salon’s Pam Pool, we’ll have to wait until she actually follows through with a divorce to award a winner.  I imagine the holidays will make or break it, so hang in there, Erin.  You may get that donut after all!