more makeup lessons

Yes, We’re actually back.  Sorry for the long absence — with holiday craziness & personal drama, we just haven’t had a free moment to actually write something remotely interesting.  (No guarantees, here).

However, we’ve had some really fun events in the boot-camp-updo.jpgsalon, so we do have something to show for our time.  We launched Beauty Boot Camp a few weeks ago, and were able to give fun & free makeup & hair lessons to a Jodi expertly applies new makeupbunch of current clients and some new friends. 

We taught everything from quick & easy updo’s and party hairstyles to the value of eyebrows.  (you all know how obsessed we are with brows — what are they?  That’s right, a frame for your face!) 

Some boot camp clients were even browbeaten into submission on wearing the right amount of makeup, avoiding at-home haircolor and using good shampoo.  All had a good time and thanks to our Fab educators from Loreal Professionel & Maly’s we were able to hand out lots of free swag. What more could you ask for?  Champagne, you say?  We had that , too!

Due to a high demand, we will be having Beauty Boot Camp again, probably in February.  We’ll see you there — and remember, no sweaty exercise or mean yelling is involved — just some kind but firm beauty interventions.  It’s for your own good, you know.