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Yes — it’s true!  My curiousity finally got the best of me.  Plus, I had laundry to fold, and it’s only fun in front of the tv.  Tyler has been talking about “Dancing with the Stars” forever, so I wanted to give it a try. 

When I was in college and couldn’t afford cable, I often caught the professional ballroom competitions on OPB.  The original ones with Juliet Prowse were my fave — she was amazingly knowledgable and lovely.  Remember her?  After she died, Barbara Eden of “I dream of Jeannie” took over and it just wasn’t the same — she was more like the announcer on “Best in Show” who knew nothing about dogs and asked stupid questions of the other guy. 

So, I like ballroom and all of it’s strange rituals, costumes and lingo.  “Dancing With the Stars” is a pretty good representation of the ballroom dancing world , and it’s definitely bringing it to the masses.  The pros on the show are all beautiful and seem to be genuinely happy to teach dopey celebs. 

Clearly, however, the two dance week was a challenge for most of them — Marie & Mel B were fab in one of their numbers, but barely passable in the other.  But, I guess the appeal is in watching celebrities (albeit B level celebrities) do something they don’t know how to do.  It seems to make them more accessible to the rest of us.  It would be fun to see some really big stars do something like this — do you think they could stand to be that vulnerable?  What about Angelina or Tom Hanks or Julia Roberts?  Now, that would be fun!