rococo.jpgrococo.jpgPamToday’s breaking news in the salon… 

Pamela Anderson Got Married…Again! 

While we understand it isn’t really news, it did get us going on a pool to see how long this marriage will last.  Maybe this one will actually last five seconds longer than her series of weddings did with Kid Rock.  So far, we have bets ranging from 3 months to 8 months.  Care to wager?  The prize will be a voodoo doughnut from the Little Red Bike Cafe.  You know you want to…  Post a comment to participate.

While we’re on the subject of Pam and her foibles — you gotta see this one: a site that provides charts, graphs, and a photographic timetable of the development of Pamela Anderson’s boobs.  Just in case you were curious!

In other salon news…rococo.jpg

November’s meeting of the All Fun Book Club will be on Tuesday, 11/27 and we’ll be reading “Rococo” by Adriana Trigiani.  Do join us or feel free to participate here via the blog!  We have a lot of fun and hope to see you there.  We’ll also be getting ready for a rococo.jpgrococo.jpgHalloween party this weekend — if you need help with makeup, fake lashes or hair– do let us know, we still have appointments available on Sat 10/27.  Pictures to come…