vogue.jpgvogue.jpgbrows.jpgbrows.jpgIt’s recently come to our attention that some of you just don’t feel like you’re very smart vogue.jpgvogue.jpgabout earth-shattering beauty issues like eyebrows, fashion, or styling your hair.  While this comes as a shock to born fashionistas  (we all know one or two of those people — they’re the ones we call and ask what to wear) the rest of us know all too well how it happens.  One day we find something to wear that is comfortable, we get a couple of compliments on it, and thus a uniform is born.  We tell ourselves “Why change it?  It works.” 

Another road down this path is a job change or a baby or school or some other layer of responsibility.  In any case, we no longer have time or energy to pay attention to the shape of our brows (or anything else).   

Sometimes, we just don’t grow up around people who do those things and we just haven’t been exposed to any of it.  It makes us uncomfortable and a little afraid, so we just avoid it altogether. 

So how do we fix it?  Well, we think the first step should be opening your eyes and paying attention to all the images that surround us every day.  Do you like that newscaster’s eyebrows or do they look too thin?  Buy some magazines and rip out any pages that appeal to you.  What do the pages have in common?  What kind of outfits keep catching your eye?  What is it about them that you like?  Is it the shape of the sweater or the accessories?  Once you’ve done that, go to the salon or the store and try something on to see how it works for you.