Glamourous GingerGlamourous GingerGlamourous GingerGlamourous Gingerred lipsred lipsred lipsred lipsoff the runway red lipsSo, once again this fall, we find we are obsessed with red lipstick.  It’s back in a variety of shades and variations — our fave being the forties-inspired red lips & liquid eyeliner look that is so hot right now.  Red lipstick, though, is more than just lipstick — it’s all about rebellion, sex, history, Hollywood, grandma and more. 

When we were in high school, our moms often forbade it, “It’s too old for you” or “It makes you look like a hooker” or “Why would you want to wear that?  That’s what your grandma used to wear.”  Of course this prompted an immediate, intense longing for the shade that has never gonSquare Pegse away.  (Rebel, much?) 

For our formerly hippie moms it was a throwback to a time that they had fought against and won.  Red lipstick meant girdles and gloves, rocket bras and socially condoned sexual harassment.  They couldn’t understand why we would want to go backwards.  Having grown up geeky (“Square Pegs” anyone?) and or “cute,” red lipstick seemed to be the express train to glamour.  We wanted Ginger — not Maryann. 

red lipsIn our twenties — we loved the Pimento shade that our BFF sold from the now defunct Jafra line.  There was no mystery in it — it was a brash, bold “Yes, I am wearing red lipstick” color that we loved.  Now that we are grown and (thankfully) can wear anything we want, we’ve realized that there are actually a lot of subtleties to red lipstick which make it immensely wearable for even our shy, no-makeup friends. 

In short, there is a red for everyone, and just like life partners, you may have to try on a few before you find the perfect one for you.  Stop by the salon if you want to play in our collection.

Great tips on wearing red lipstick:,21770,1635060-1,00.html