Trixie’s Now OpenWelcome to our new blog! We hope to create an online community that mirrors our salon’s environment — a place where anything and everything might come up in conversation. Our focus, however, is beauty in all of its various forms — because we have learned that sometimes addressing your outer self brings your inner self to a place that allows you to move about your life with just a little more confidence & grace. So in that vein, we’re keeping our eyes peeled for fun & funny blogs and websites that interest us (& hopefully you). Send me your suggestions!

Here’s a few that we think might be worth a gander… — A southern Girl’s Guide to All Thing’s Beautimous

She definitely gets a nod just for using the word “beautimous” –outside of chats with our ever fashionable Grandma — we can’t say we’ve ever heard it used in a public forum — excellent!

This is just funny — although a bit out of date, how can you not enjoy a place where anyone can send pictures of their bottoms for others to comment on? Is it narcissism or masochism? you decide. — An Adventure in Beauty, Style & Fashion

Great pics of her cute kids and nice product reviews, seems to be an actual person, not a corporation.

Did anybody read the Jennifer Weiner book for Trixie’s Book Club tonight? Let us know — we thought it was very enjoyable, indeed. Hope to see you there!